“Dealing with death, make it possible”

Name of the activity: “Dealing with death, make it possible”

Country/NMO: Venezuela (FEVESOCEM)

Program: Ethics & Human Rights in Health

Contact information: [email protected] / +584247710939

Type of the activity: Capacity Building (Training or Workshop). Teaching and develop knowledge, skills and techniques in a particular field. While training can have any form, workshops are more formal and also include exchange of information between participants.

General description:

It is a workshop, aimed at a maximum of five attendees, where the subject of death and management of the same, both professionally and personally, will be touched in a medical, psychological and social manner. Strategies to overcome the death of a relative. Debates of discussion and sharing personal experiences.

Focus area:

Rights of patients, doctors and medical students

Problem statement:

As medical students, they have made us believe that we are gods, that we can decide when a patient is going to die and when not. It is different the way to see die when we are in the first year, when we are in our boarding school. We must understand death as a natural process. We must learn not to feel guilty, but also discern when it is time to let go. Learn to give the news to family members and how to handle a terminally ill patient, for a dignified death.

Target groups:

Medical students, Doctors, Other health professionals


General population, Medical students, Doctors

Objectives and indicators of success:

a. Know death in a biological, psychological and social context.

b. Knowing strategies for managing grief

c. Describe the legal bases about death, and as it is expressed in Venezuelan legislation.

d. Teach about the medical role during the terminal illness

and. Learn how to give the news of the death of a relative

F. Strategies to handle grief on a personal level

g. Discuss a clinical case ethically.

As indicators:

Quiz before the workshop and after it.

Implementation on the ground for the clinical case.

Number of Attendees

Number of laws reviewed

Shared experiences


a- Workshop

b – Quiz before the workshop and after it.

c – Implementation on the ground for the clinical case.

Plans for evaluation:

The monitoring will be carried out through a pre-workshop examination and a subsequent one to evaluate the acquisition of knowledge, as well as a debate in which the medical actions in a real case of our hospital will be discussed.

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