Today is another very busy day for the IFMSA here in Bonn. As usual there is the YOUNGO meeting at 8.30, where we meet other youth organizations and have very interesting discussion on various issues that concerns the youth.


Afterwards we meet with the EU negotiator on article 6 to discuss implementation of article 6, and how Europe could support developing countries in this process.

The meeting took place in the garden, which was very informal and relaxed. We had prepared a lot of questions, and he answered the very thoroughly. We talked about the future and next steps of the implementation of Article 6, the necessary funding support and how we could create collaboration with the youth and EU.


From my perspective the meeting where very informative and we shared a lot of views with EU, so we look forward to any further discussion especially when they open the submission for civil society.


We spent the rest of the day trying to catch up on various other updates from the different bodies. We attended a meeting on the Kyoto Protocol, COP/CMP presidency and the steps towards Durban and a briefing in Long-term Cooperative Actions. All of these were very informative and an amazing recapturing on what is happening in the different tracks of the negotiations. We are trying to keep track on every thing that is happening here, but UNFCCC is a very dynamic process, and a lot of the meeting are closed, so these briefings were absolutely amazing.

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