Day 8 UNFCCC Bonn

The second week is completely full while the negotiators from the parties are trying to make up the time they lost for the first week, there are a lot of very interesting things relevant to us that have happened. We are still working hard on two very important issues; Article 6 and health as a climate sensitive sector. Just to remind everybody, Article 6 is the article in the original convention, which speaks about education, public participation and raising awareness.


In terms of article 6, YOUNGO participated in an informal meeting with all the parties on the terms of references, and the result looks quite positive.


To just name a few of the important points relevant to the IFMSA:


–       SBI invites all relevant parties and intergovernmental and non-govermental organizations to submit views to the Secretariat. (Last time the Secretariat opened for submission, IFMSA and Medsin-UK made a joint submission emphasizing non-formal education, and the medical students were mentioned as a strong group to take leadership in this regard, in a synthesis report by the Secretariat.)

–       Further more it was agreed upon to have a workshop in Durban on Article 6 and the implementation in least develop countries. This is absolutely great, since LCDs are especially where education is lacking.

–       Development of the CC:iNet, where a lot of materials and best practice are shared.

–       Straitening of national focal points.


Before the meeting Leo, Jamie (From UKYCC) and myself were playing detectives, trying to find the negotiator from EU, US and Japan to collaborate on our views. We managed to get a meeting with the European negotiator on article 6 tomorrow, which is amazing.


In terms of education, training and public participation it is absolutely crucial, that the implementation of all these decision are followed up, so we are working together with other youth organizations on how to make sure this will be done. Tomorrow we will talk to EU negotiator specifically about this.


Besides being very involved in this process we attend a few of the negotiation sessions. For instance we went to workshop on response measures and trade, where WHO gave a presentation on health impacts of climate change and adaptation measurers.

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