COP 16 Day 6 – The art of asking questions

The day started as normal, early. We had one main priority, to start surveying delegates about their knowledge of health and climate change. As a lot of the technical things were sorted out yesterday, the final touches were done and the team was spread out between the two venues. The massive Cancun Messe was probably the easiest target as the delegates there were a bit more relaxed, as for the Moon Palace (where the actual negotiations are taking place) the situation was tense as the negotiations raised the temperature in the plenary. We gathered some high valuable answers by the negotiators. As the day passed and the surveys start to run in, our techniques improved and at the end of the day we had approximately 200 surveys. Over the next few days the plan is to intensify our efforts and the target is to get over four-digit surveys.

As the Saturday night approached the need for some time off the COP venues increased proportionally and rumors about a «NGO party» started so circle amongst the youth, we went back to the dorm tired, but with something to look forward to.

Usman A. Mushtaq

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