Day 5 at UN Climate Change Conference

As usual, our day started with Youngo meeting in the morning, where main discussion have been running about the Youth sideevent at same evening and objectives and messages for a Youngo campaign coming up for next week.

Afterwards Sebastian, Charlotte and me, together with Jean Paul, got the chance to attend the informal meeting of the working group on Article 6., thanks to Chair and Parties for opening it for observers! The important issue they are dealing with currently is  the reviewing process of the NDWP (New Delhi Work Program) for Article 6 towards 2012. The groups aim to come up with an agreement on Terms of References (TOR) to give the SBI a mandate for COP 18.  The G77 and China as well as EU, USA and Japan all came up with constructive ideas and contributions for TORs and a first draft has been submitted by the G77 and China.  Summed up in a few points:

–        Importance of National Focal Points in every Country
(This was also supported in our intervention during the meeting)

–        Access to the GEF money

–         Access to resources in developing countries

–         Draw from past experience, including best practices, in the review of NDWP

–         Efficiency of work in the working group

–         More workshops in LCD’s

At all it has been a quite encouraging and positive meeting and we left, looking forward to the following meeting, probably taking place on Saturday 11.06.

In the afternoon, after having a little break and some lunch, we attended a  quite interesting sideevent given by the secretariat, about the UNFCCC Fellowship Program. A program offered by the UNFCCC Secretariat that aims to support young professionals and institutions by building capacity for addressing climate change in non-Annex I Parties, in particular small island developing States (SIDS) and least developed countries (LDCs) Parties. Its finance relies completely on voluntary contribution by parties under the convention.  Current as well as former fellows gave presentations on their work within the fellowship. This included a quite nice presentation of Ms. Adriana Valenzuela (Dominican Republic) and her story of involvement within the UNFCCC that led to her work on Article 6 and its’ achievements.

During the Youth sideevent in the evening IFMSA had the chance to give an introductory presentation on the connection between health and Climate Change. The participants learnt about the importance of health effects of climate change but also health benefits of mitigation. For most of them it has been a quite new perspective and a new argument that could be used with benefit in discussions. Various members of other youth organizations have been quite interested and asked for more background on the health issue.

After a quite intense but great day we managed to arrange our cost free accommodation the delegation for next week – thanks for the support! – and joint other Youngo members for a typical German beer.



(for IFMSA Delegation at UNFCCC)

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