DAY 3 – COP19, Young people care about climate change

Every day at the COP 19 we are trying to attend as many lectures and discussions as we can, but one of the most interesting times is the YOUNGO meetings which we are attending every morning. It’s really important because it gives us an opportunity to discuss and share our opinion about current situations with other young people. On the third day we were talking about new solutions on how to help people in the Philippines and we were discussing if we can organize some campaign to collect money for them.

According to statistics released by the UN, 189 countries will attend UN climate talks, but only 134 ministers will be present at negotiations. However, during this COP19 the number of participants has increased from last year. In Warsaw we have more than 10 000 registered participants, in Doha we had around 9000. And from my personal viewpoint many of them are really young and motivated to change something and take concrete decisions during COP19.

One of the most important tasks for the IFMSA delegation is to raise awareness that climate change has a huge impact on public health.  This COP 19 is a good occasion to talk about this with other delegations, organizations and civil society. During the lunch break the IFMSA delegation is promoting Climate and Health Summit 2013, which we are organizing next Saturday in collaboration with WHO , World Medical Association and other health organizations. We were dealing flyers and inviting COP participants to attend this important Summit. The Global Climate and Health Alliance is the originator of the event. The Alliance, which consists of health organizations from around the world, was formed in Durban, South Africa, in 2011, during UNFCCC COP 17, to tackle climate change and to protect and promote public health.

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The challenge of our generation is to find solutions to stop climate destruction. As future health professionals we know how important an impact the environment has on human health and we know the consequences of climate disasters to the condition of life. We are all here to find some solutions how to decrease and stop environmental problems. Because every climate disaster, flood, typhoon means many suffering people from health problems.

“ As future health professionals we acknowledge our duty of care to our patients, our communities, and therefore the prevention of climate

change as a recognized threat to global public health.” “The IFMSA calls for what science and justice demands of the global community – a

reduction of carbon emissions to levels which ensure the survival of our planet’s ecosystem and the protection of human health “-IFMSA Policy Statement, Climate Change and Health (Date of adoption: March 13th 2013)

 Almost every day during COP 19 civil society are involved in some kind of demonstrations. This morning Greenpeace prepared posters showing each of the 30 people currently facing years in prison in Russia for trying to halt Arctic oil drilling.

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COP 19 participants from civil society joined Greenpeace in forming a human chain in honor of the Arctic 30 climate defenders.

 Another campaign led by young people was about Adaption Fund. They prepared a lemonade stand and selling it during financial talks.

 Louisa Casson from the UK Youth Climate Coalition said:

“This lack of solidarity is particularly shocking in the perspective of developed countries’ promise to provide US$ 100 billion annually to finance adaptation and mitigation in developing countries by 2020.  If developed countries don’t manage to put together a few hundred millions to preserve one of the UNFCCC’s few working institutions, and provide financial assistance to the countries struggling to adapt to climate change, how can we expect the Green Climate Fund to become more than an empty shell? Will we be forced to organize a bake sale for the Green Climate Fund in 2015?”

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Day 3 –  Plenary session on Long term-Finance (LTF)

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IFMSA delegation in the plenary.

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