Day 2: IFISO increases sustainability for leadership development

Student Organisations continue their work on exchanging knowledge! This time IFMSA had the floor with one of our strongest areas: external relations. Organisations exchanged opinions on building strategies, exchange experience on organisation structures that support external relations and representation in meetings and conferences. Evaluation, follow up and partnership sustainability were key points of the discussion!

IFISO gave a lot of time on ensuring the leadership development of students. After a one hour simulation of the 9 months that the Leadership Summer School needs to be organised, concrete ideas were put on the floor to improve the sustainability of the project.

The Leadership Summer School (LSS) is a one week high quality training event organised as a joint project of international youth organisations. The LSS aims to gather about 80 motivated youth participants from different kinds of student associations, youth workers and from all over Europe. The objective of the training week is the exchange of knowledge and best practices between participants and the organisations involved. Furthermore, after completing the Leadership Summer School, participants will have attained and practised various leadership skills.

The LSS was formed by experienced IFISO members’ trainers 5 years ago. It is now a collaboration of Zero Generation and IFISO.

Zero Generation is a multidisciplinary team of professional trainers (previous members of IFISO organisations), with European and Worldwide NGO experience in leadership, international project management, training and consultancy; with special interests in healthcare, engineering and organisational development.

With Zero Generation empowering the active participation of students from IFISO members, a new strategy for the LSS was put forward to support the involvement of students while at the same time ensuring the adequate organisation and quality development of the project.

Live from Thessaloniki

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