Day 1 at Informal Forum of International Student Organisations Autumn Meeting 2011 in Thessaloniki

Can you imagine agriculture, design, business, pharmacy, medicine and many other students from different fields working together for the same goal? This is exactly why highly motivated and enthusiastic students gathered in Thessaloniki – to further strengthen the collaboration between student organizations. Dimitris Stathis (SCORA Regional Assistant for Europe) and Maria Christina Papadopolou (SCOME Regional Assitant for Europe) are IFMSA representatives at this IFISO Autumn Meeting 2011. Here are Dimitris’ reflections from the first day of the meeting. Enjoy!

Day 1 at IFISO Autumn Meeting

A short travel from Athens to Thessaloniki and a new world of possibilities opens ahead! The Informal Forum of International Students Organisations (IFISO) meets this time in Greece and IFMSA couldn’t miss it!

What is IFISO? The Informal Forum of International Students Organisations is a platform for organisations like IFMSA to share their experience, knowledge and best practices in order to support the fulllfillment of our goals. It fosters the collaboration of organisations in trainings, leadership development and advancing techniques.

Day 1 is over, with 12 organisations giving their best for a productive meeting! The sessions started with a follow up on previous action points and what has been achieved the Spring Meeting. Next on the line was the discussion on IFISO aim and objectives. After a “role play” into different aspects of the work of the platform, delegates have come up with innovative ideas to advance the nature and function of IFISO for the benefit of all.

The way students organisations manage knowledge and information sharing was the next topic in line, with a great emphasis on the understanding of each of the organisations for the rest. Main aim was to strengthen the collaboration of organisations and empower them to cooperate more easily with each other.

IFISO website and external image were an interesting point of discussion, with focus on how to improve colllective representation towards students and potential partners. A small working group will put on further steps!

Last but not least, have you ever studied abroad? Not even for exchange? A new idea on exchanging educational experience was created by study portals and ESTIEM. With more than 12.000 exchanges per year, IFMSA is one of the main stakeholders on the discussion! The projects aims in providing students with tips and evaluation of other students’ study experience abroad. Together with Lukas, the Liaison Officer to Student Organizations, we are working on concrete areas to empower IFMSA exchanges visibility and information flow to medical students on different aspects.

And after all, a traditional Greek night!

Stay tuned!


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