Craiova International Medical Students’ Conference ( CIMSC) – Romania (FASMR)

Name of the activity: Craiova International Medical Students’ Conference ( CIMSC)

Country/NMO: Romania (FASMR)

Program: Teaching Medical Skills


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Education


General description:

Craiova International Medical Students’ Conference is an event that take place every year in November in Craiova, one of the largest city in Romania. It has the purpose to familiarize the medical students with concepts such as research, innovation and development in the medical field.
Participants from all around the world have the chance during the 4 days of the event to participate to over 20 workshops on various themes, conferences held by national and international speakers and a top social and cultural program.
Medical students can make their work in the medical field be seen and apreciated by enrolling their papers in the oral and poster presentation contest. At the end of the event, the best ones will win consistant prizes and international recognition.
CIMSC is an experience that every medical student should have before graduation.

Focus area:

First Aid/CPR/BLS, Surgical Skills, Doctor-Patient communication skills, Soft Skills for medical practitioners, Research basics for medical practitioners, Presentation skills for medical students; Theoretical and practical skills development for medical students; others.

Problem statement:

The first edition of the CIMSC was in 1998. This event was born out of the students’ desire to enrich their knowledge in the medical field, the practical skills also, to exchange information and to be aware of what is happening in the medical field.
The main purpose of CIMSC is to improve both the medical knowledge of medical students and to familiarize them with concepts such as research, innovation and development. The 4 days offer the participants the possibility to participate to conferences, over 20 workshops on various themes, oral and poster presentations and also social and cultural events.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

– Our main target group is medical students from all over the world who are interested in improving their medical knowledge. The last edition was attended by 600 participants from Romania and other countries such as Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, Russia and others.
– The volunteers involved in the organization can develop their leadership, organization, time management and teamwork skills. Last edition, there were over 200 volunteers involved.
– Professors are targeted because they are being given the opportunity to participate as a speaker or to hold a workshop / round table.

Objectives and indicators of success:

– Practice and develop new skills through the variety of workshops
– Enrich medical students knowledge on the new discoveries in the medical field by offering them the chance to participate to conferences held by national and international speakers.
– The recognition of medical students work in the research field by enrolling their work in the oral or poster presentation and have the chance to win a prize.
Interact with other students from all around the world at social and cultural events.
– INDICATORS OF SUCCESS: High number of registred participants; High number of enrolled scientific papers.


– Conferences: held by local, national and international speakers who have prestigious reputation in the field of health. They are eager to help medical students get involved in discussions and make them interested by presenting captivant cases or research results that can be considered innovative.
– Round tables : a good opportunity for the students to find out more about a specific topic by talking with specialists in that matter.
– Workshops: exercise your practical skills and find out tipps and tricks in a specific area of health.
– Oral and poster presentation contest where students can share their work .
– Cultural program ensures that the one who are interested in the history and and beauties of Craiova can participate to organised city tours.
– Social events: perfect atmosphere for bounding.

Plans for evaluation:

– The number of participants at CIMSC indicates the interest medical students have in developing their skills as future doctors. Last edition had 600 participants.
– We ask the participants to complete a feedback form after the event in order to indicate the strong points and what we should change / improve for the next editions.
– Constant oral feedbacks from the participant the OC interacts with.
– The number of participants to the workshop and the evaluation at the end of the workshop indicates its utillity.
– The number of students that participate to the conferences and round tables.

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