COP18 is still rocking :)

Lovely IFMSAians,

Greetings from Doha!

Long days, lack of sleep, commitment and fear…these are only few words that can describe our days during COP18. IFMSA delegation has been working very hard in order to ensure that health is part of the decisions and part of the governments negotiations.

Our message to COP18 is: ” In order to protect health from harmful effects of climate change, we call for health oriented policy in green economy implementation, ensuring health-oriented adaptation and mitigation strategies. We call for urgent, secure and continuous funding and transferring technology for health in adaptation, mitigation and building capacity.  “

In addition, IFMSA has signed CAHA Climate And Health Alliance declaration that brought all NGOs together that are concerned about climate change and health. You can even be part of it and sign it as an individual through this link :

IFMSA continues its great collaboration with  Medsin-UK in organizing two actions targeting climate change through World AIDS day for AIDS and discrimination and Health and climate on which aspects we believe that health will be represented. Stay tuned for all the cool videos and photos!

There are several negotiations now that are happening which we are trying to target including article 6. Article 6 is about education, training and public awareness of climate change. There have been several drafts to finalize this issue but unfortunately the word health was not mentioned in the long 10 pages proposal. This is one of our main priorities  to be targeted as we are here in Doha and even later on.

 In addition, IFMSA is collaborating officially with WHO, to organize a side event targeting health under the title of “Building Sustainable Health Systems: Focus on Climate Resilience” which will take place this Monday 3rd of December

With all these negotiations and the continuous hope to end up with solid outcomes, you could think  of how massive and important climate change is. That its alone is causing the death of  140,000 people worldwide every year. COP is not the only answer! We cant depend on government decisions and UN efforts only. The change should start within from home, family, the environment around….what can YOU do to fight climate change?

On behalf of COP18 delegation,

Lujain Al-Qodmani


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