IFMSA@COP17: A take home message

COP17: A Take Home Message

In fact, the parties gathering and the entire gathering of all the concerned organizations is kind of a great action toward saving the planet of the climate change impacts.  However, just negotiating and setting out protocols and statements and agreements is not the way to do so.  It’s just the simplest and perhaps the most politically convenient way of saying, yeh we care, don’t you see what are we doing?

Doing a change to combat the change should extend to reach the public and each and every individual living on our lovely planet.  Therefore, it comes our role (as young people) to work on enhancing the public awareness and arrange community outreach activities to educate the public about, first what’s going on the planet, what are their future generations going to face as a result of the way we treat the planet and more importantly what are their roles and how can they save the planet.  Everyone can and should save the planet.

Yesterday, it’s just been decided that COP18/CMP8 will be in Qatar/Doha.  What’s relevant for us is to think of COP18 as a new deadline for us to start up new strategies, follow on the already there ones and try to achieve something by the next COP.  Very basic thing for example is planting a tree!  If everyone did so, then we will be like made a great favor to the planet, our home, as we want to save it, don’t we? Moreover, raising the public awareness and engaging them is in fact, the strongest tool we could use to influence the world politics to the better.

So, the take home message I tried to make is, we (everyone) should do something even if simple at the public level and help expand the mission we believe in to them to make them believers too.  This is actually the global solution that Minister Edna Molewa, leader of south African delegation to COP17/CMP7 called for as he said ‎”Action to address the causes and impacts of climate change by a single country or small group of countries will not succeed. This is a global problem requiring a global solution”

We wish you a pleasant follow to our blog and news!

Faithfully yours on behalf of the COP17 delegation,


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