Communicable Diseases

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Focus Areas

Prevention of CDs


The method used by the ATTENTIVE project is “door to door” which provides counseling to the inhabitants of bandungrejosari by means of each group volunteers group contains three people with the provisions of one group there must be one volunteer from SCORE its task is to fill 3M checklist by looking at the surrounding environment and bathroom survey every house so that the volunteer knows the house to be done 3M according to the checklist indicator every volunteers group give counseling minimal three house. We use poster media, the contents of the poster are danger and cause dengue, dengue prevention, how to do 3m, dengue, after checking the bathroom and counseling volunteer give the abate powder to each house given counseling so that residents more ur volunteer

spirit to apply 3M (cover, bury, drain) regularly and do not forget to document, for timeline ATTENTIVE there is 2 day on September 5, 2017, provided training of trainers to thirty ATTENTIVE volunteers on public speaking and about dengue disease of theaters were lecturers of UB faculty of medicine with different focus the first materials about public speaking and the second materials internal diseases and volunteer get the module facilitation so that volunteers can still learn independently on the second day ie on 23 september 2017 ATTENTIVE provide counseling for villagers bandugrejosari with methods already described above with a minimum target of forty five homes and target volunteer must do 3M minimal fifty house. besides that population of Bandungrejosari give a good feedback for our volunteer.


Project Immuno (Slovenia (SloMSIC)

We divided our activities into several phases.

1. educating future and young parents (from February 2016)
2. educating high school students (from October 2016)
3. Informing the medical students about the importance of flu vaccination (October and November 2016, October and November 2017)
4. collaboration with the Medical Faculty of Maribor (from November 2016)
5. cooperation with Municipality of Ljubljana (from December 2016)

6. educating future teachers – students of Faculty of Education in Ljubljana (from December 2016)
7. Workshops for Secondary school for healthcare (from January 2017)
8. Workshops for students in First and Second Year (from March 2017)
9. Major congress for medicine students (in April 2017 and in March 2018)
10. Participating with Ministry of Health on new Communicable Diseases law (since October 2017)

Preventable diseases

HEALTH AND VACCINATION – (Bosnia & Herzegovina (BoHeMSA)
The project will be implemented in several phases.

1. The first stage of the project is conducting a general survey of the population in the Tuzla Canton in 5 municipalities

2.  Student education is the second phase of the project. Students must be familiar with all details of the vaccination process, its benefits and disadvantages, in order to adequately deal with the issues and attitudes of parents and everyone else who is against vaccination.

3. The third phase includes the recording and promotion of a video titled “I am immunized”

4. The fourth phase of the project is a public event in a form of a street action where the distribution of informative material with the basic questions and answers related to vaccinations is planned.

5.  In the fifth phase, we have planned the organization of an oral competition quiz for high school students to test their knowledge about the importance and significance of IFMSA Programs | Focus areas vaccination.

6.  The sixth phase of the project is the organization of a panel discussion with an open participation.

7. The seventh phase, which also applies to all the previous phases, is the promotion of the vaccine importance and immunization in the media. We will cooperate with the media to follow our work and to promote our activities with the purpose of quality information distribution.

AMR (antimicrobial resistance)

Stik tik antibiotics (IFMSA-Morroco)

We made a video describing the story of a man that used antibiotics randomly, it starts with his death scene, then a flashback of him getting out of the doctor for his sore throat, being angry because the doctor gave him no treatment, then he uses antibiotics randomly, then he gets infected by a multiresistant bacteria that doctors were unable to treat, and it ends with a message to the good use of antibiotics.

The video was filmed by us medical students We also made posters telling people to consult their doctors instead of just consuming antibiotics by themselves, and posted them in different doctors offices and places.


Program Proposal

To find our more about the current Program, check the Program Proposal document.

Activities for Communicable Diseases Program

Below you may find all the most recent activities that were recognized as part of the Communicable Diseases Program.

If you are interested to join IFMSA Program with your activity and have it shown in the Database please visit the IFMSA Programs part of the website and/or contact the program team at [email protected].

NrProgramEnrollment yearActivityCategoryRegionNMOStanding CommitteeType
1Communicable Diseases2022/23Hazardous WaterCampaignAfricaMedSIN SudanSCOPHFirst-time Activity
2Communicable Diseases2022/23PHL Workshop - COVID-19 VaccinationCapacity BuildingAfricaMedSIN SudanSCOPHReplicating Activity
3Communicable Diseases2022/23Actimicrobial Week LecturesEducationAsia PacificAMSA-KyrgyzstanSCOPHFirst-time Activity
4Communicable Diseases2022/23Safe Water Supply, Sanitation and HygieneCampaignAfricaMedSIN SudanSCOPHContinuous Activity
5Communicable Diseases2022/23Vaccine Equity ProjectAdvocacyAmericasCFMS CanadaSCOPHFirst-time Activity
6Communicable Diseases2022/23CHIKITSACampaignAsia PacificMSAI IndiaSCOPHContinuous Activity
7Communicable Diseases2022/23COVID Response TeamCampaignAsia PacificCIMSA-IndonesiaSCOPHContinuous Activity
8Communicable Diseases2022/23Help us, immunity!EducationEuropeLiMSA LithuaniaSCOPHContinuous Activity
9Communicable Diseases2022/23AMR-50EducationEMRAssocia-Med TunisiaSCOPHFirst-time Activity
10Communicable Diseases2022/23Not Again, Cholera!EducationEMRLeMSIC LebanonSCOPHFirst-time Activity
11Communicable Diseases2021/22Spread Awareness, Stop ResistanceCapacity BuildingAmericasAEMPPI-EcuadorSCOPHFirst-time Activity
12Communicable Diseases2021/22World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2021: Spread Awareness, Stop ResistanceCampaignAsia PacificSMMAMS MalaysiaSCOPHFirst-time Activity
13Communicable Diseases2021/22WAAW2021CampaignAfricaNiMSA NigeriaSCOPHFirst-time Activity
14Communicable Diseases2021/22MedLigue - COVID 19EducationAmericasIFMSA-BrazilSCOPHFirst-time Activity
15Communicable Diseases2021/22Antimicrobial Resistance WeekEducationEMRNAMS YemenSCOPHReplicating Activity
16Communicable Diseases2021/22YOUth Against AMR!CampaignAsia PacificAMSA-PhilippinesSCOPHFirst-time Activity
17Communicable Diseases2021/22ITMSS (International Tropical Medicine Summer School)EducationAsia PacificCIMSA-IndonesiaSCOPHContinuous Activity
18Communicable Diseases2021/22From Farm(acies) to SCOPHealth-aciesCampaignEMRLeMSIC LebanonSCOPHFirst-time Activity
19Communicable Diseases2021/22The Autumn PlanCampaignEuropeEstMSA EstoniaSCOPHFirst-time Activity
20Communicable Diseases2021/22For the good of the community (vaccination and COVID 19)CampaignAfricaMedSIN SudanSCOPHFirst-time Activity
21Communicable Diseases2021/22Returning to Work SafelyEducationAmericasIFMSA-BrazilSCOPHFirst-time Activity
22Communicable Diseases2021/22Students vs ResistanceEducationEuropeAECS Spain, CataloniaSCOPHFirst-time Activity
23Communicable Diseases2021/22Corona vaccine, the savior of humanCampaignEMRIMSA-IranSCOPHFirst-time Activity
24Communicable Diseases2021/22Public Health Leaders Workshop (Under the theme of: Vaccine Equity and Access to Medicine)Capacity BuildingAfricaMedSIN SudanSCOPHFirst-time Activity
25Communicable Diseases2021/22ABC (Lets Get Rid of COVID-19)EducationAsia PacificCIMSA-IndonesiaSCOPHFirst-time Activity
26Communicable Diseases2021/22Health club Stop TuberculosisEducationAfricaABEM BurundiSCOPHContinuous Activity
27Communicable Diseases2021/22Be Wise, Immunize!CampaignEMRLeMSIC LebanonSCOPHFirst-time Activity
28Communicable Diseases2021/22ΙmmunityEducationEuropeHelMSIC GreeceSCOPHContinuous Activity
29Communicable Diseases2021/22Rabies: Towards EradicationEducationAsia PacificSMMAMS MalaysiaSCOPHFirst-time Activity
30Communicable Diseases2021/22Dengue Awareness Campaign: Fight the Bite!EducationAsia PacificSMMAMS MalaysiaSCOPHFirst-time Activity
31Communicable Diseases2021/22Vaccination Guide 101ManualEuropeANEM PortugalSCOPHFirst-time Activity
32Communicable Diseases2021/22Vaccine Ambassadors' CampaignCampaignEMRIMSA-IranSCOPHContinuous Activity
33Communicable Diseases2021/22World Immunization WeekCampaignEMRIFMSA-EgyptSCOPHFirst-time Activity
34Communicable Diseases2021/22Knowledge VaxEducationEuropeIFMSA-PolandSCOPHContinuous Activity
35Communicable Diseases2021/22NiMSA World Immunization week CampaignCampaignAfricaNiMSA NigeriaSCOPHContinuous Activity
36Communicable Diseases2021/22Combating 19CampaignAsia PacificMSAI IndiaSCOPHFirst-time Activity
37Communicable Diseases2021/22Handbook on Neglected Tropical DiseasesEducationAmericasIFMSA-QuebecSCOPHFirst-time Activity
38Communicable Diseases2021/22Project Shield : Infection Prevention and Control CampaignCampaignAsia PacificMSAI IndiaSCOPHFirst-time Activity
39Communicable Diseases2021/22Antimicrobial Resistance CampaignCampaignAsia PacificMSAI IndiaSCOPHContinuous Activity
40Communicable Diseases2021/22Antimicrobial resistance within one healthCampaignAfricaMedSIN SudanSCOPHFirst-time Activity
41Communicable Diseases2021/22UNTOLD (Updates on Neglected Tropical Diseases)ResearchAsia PacificCIMSA-IndonesiaSCOPHFirst-time Activity
42Communicable Diseases2021/22School sensitization on MalariaEducationAfricaGaMSA GambiaSCOPHFirst-time Activity
43Communicable Diseases2021/22Know your Hepatitis B status campaign CampaignAfricaNiMSA NigeriaSCOPHFirst-time Activity
44Communicable Diseases2021/22Let's Talk One Health (A World Zoonoses Day Webinar)EducationAfricaNiMSA NigeriaSCOPHFirst-time Activity
180Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23Breast Cancer Awareness WalkEducationAfricaGaMSA GambiaSCORAFirst-time Activity
181Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23KuMSA's Hospital - جم عمرك؟CampaignEMRKuMSA KuwaitSCOPHContinuous Activity
182Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23Market Sensitization on HypertensionEducationAfricaGaMSA GambiaSCOPHFirst-time Activity
183Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23Breast Cancer CampaignCampaignEMRIFMSA-KurdistanSCORAReplicating Activity
184Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23But the poison is hidden in the sugarCampaignEMRIMSA-IranSCOPHReplicating Activity
185Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23Students' health project CampaignAfricaMedSIN SudanSCOPHContinuous Activity
186Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23Debate to Update Capacity BuildingEMRIMSA-IranSCOPHFirst-time Activity
187Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23SCOPH Ed Expertise GroupsCapacity BuildingEuropeSloMSA SlovakiaSCOPHContinuous Activity
188Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23OMEGA 3 EducationAsia PacificCIMSA-IndonesiaSCOPHContinuous Activity
189Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23THINK PINKCampaignEMRIFMSA-MoroccoSCORAContinuous Activity
190Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23Remember Us 3.0CampaignAsia PacificMSAI IndiaSCOPHFirst-time Activity
191Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23Child Growth and Nutritional BalanceEducationAsia PacificCIMSA-IndonesiaSCOPHContinuous Activity
192Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23WAFER (Young Researcher and Tobacco Free)Capacity BuildingAsia PacificCIMSA-IndonesiaSCOREContinuous Activity
193Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23A Brighter Smile EducationAsia PacificIFMSA-PakistanSCOPHFirst-time Activity
194Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23kid on the move: Encouraging to do sportCampaignAmericasIFMSA-BrazilSCOPHFirst-time Activity
195Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23Women's Pelvic Health as You Grow OldEducationAmericasIFMSA-BrazilSCORAFirst-time Activity
196Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23Száraz November = Sober NovemberCampaignEuropeHuMSIRC HungarySCOPHFirst-time Activity
197Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23UltravioletEducationAmericasIFMSA-ChileSCOPHFirst-time Activity
198Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23Beat the Burn CampaignCampaignEuropeMMSA MaltaSCOPHContinuous Activity
199Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23Pink October 22Third-party ActivityEMRPMSA-PalestineSCORAContinuous Activity
200Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022CampaignAsia PacificCIMSA-IndonesiaSCORAContinuous Activity
201Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23Healthy Communities Journal Club Capacity BuildingAsia PacificAMSA AustraliaSCOPHContinuous Activity
202Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23National project for NCDsCampaignEMRIFMSA-IraqSCOPHContinuous Activity
203Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23Diabetes DayCampaignEuropeEstMSA EstoniaSCOPHReplicating Activity
204Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23World Health DayCampaignEuropeIFMSA-CZ Czech RepublicSCOPHContinuous Activity
205Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23Health For AllThird-party ActivityAsia PacificBMSS BangladeshSCOPHFirst-time Activity
206Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23A little friend called determinationCampaignAmericasFEVESOCEM VenezuelamultipleFirst-time Activity
207Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23Heart for LifeCampaignEuropeBeMSA BelgiumSCOPHContinuous Activity
208Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases2022/23Dump The LumpCampaignAsia PacificBMSS BangladeshSCORAContinuous Activity