Clinical Years Secrets – CAMSA Cameroon

Name of the activity: Clinical years Secrets

Country/NMO: CAMSA Cameroon

Program: Teaching Medical Skills

Contact information: contact [email protected] to get in touch with the Activity Coordinator

Type of the activity: First time Activity

Category: Education

Focus area: History Taking, Diagnostic measures, Clinical Examination, Doctor-Patient communication skills

Sustainable Development Goals addressed: GOAL 4: QUALITY EDUCATION

General description:

Medical Education in Cameroon is a 7 years program divided into two parts, Preclinical and Clinical years. Generally transitioning from Preclinical years to Clinical years can be challenging, sometimes a source of confusion and poor results. The students have to interact with specialists and paramedics to be evaluated when rotating. In an attempt to facilitate the transition process we decided to organize an orientation seminar slated between the 15th October and 20th of October in each medical

Problem statement:

Transitioning from preclinical years to clinical years is generally challenging, sometimes, this leads to confusion amongst the students, poor results and even burnout. So this one-hour Seminar is meant to equip the students with the knowledge and tips to better cope with this transition and excel in their clinical years.

Target groups:

Medical students


Medical students


  1. To ensure that at least 300 4th-year medical students are well-oriented and have fewer apprehensions about clinical years.

    2. To create awareness to at least 300 4th year medical students on how to effectively interact with the hospital personnel and staff.

    3. To help at least 300 4th year medical students to know the common tips and secrets to studying efficiently.

    4. To help at least 400 clinical year medical students nationwide to learn tips on how to take a good history.

    5. To guide medical students in the creation of a good doctor identit

Indicators of Success:

  1. Over 300 4th year medical students report a better understanding and preparedness for the clinical years and have fewer worries.

    2. Over 300 4th year medical students report they are better informed on how to interact effectively with the hospital staff.

    3. Over 300 clinical year medical students nationwide report an increase in their knowledge of how to study in clinical years.

    4. Over 4004th year medical students report an increase in their knowledge of history-taking.

    5. Over 300 4th year medical students are aware they should treat the patient with ethical considerations and be non-selective in the various rotations as this will help them to get connected to one specialty by the final year.


PART1:presentations from the speakers

1. Take a proper history, and know the general principles of physical examination

2. Know the attitudes to adopt to have more fluent interaction in the clinic, with seniors, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff.
– Punctuality
– Dresscode
– Respecteverybody
– Inquisitive
– Hardworking
– Eachday,
– Read on a pathology you see at the hospital.

3. Learn how to develop better study techniques adapted to clinical years.

4. Grasp every opportunity to learn and correct themselves  Dailycorrection of histories  Questions during rounds  REMEMBERtoverifytheinformation you receive from nonprofessional sources.

5. Create their doctor identity

Part 2

6. Question and answer session

7. Evaluation form filling

8. Conclusion and closing remark

Plans for evaluation:

Done using Pre and Post assessment forms to evaluate understand of students. All done by self evaluation on a scale of 1-10.

1. Do you know how to effectively succeed in medical school?

2. How effective is your studying technique?

3. How many medical learning resources for effective studying do you know?

4. How good are you at time management?

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