Clinical Pillars in Medicine – Colombia (ASCEMCOL)

Name of the activity: Clinical Pillars in Medicine

Country/NMO: Colombia (ASCEMCOL)

Program: Teaching Medical Skills


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Education


General description:

The congress “Clinical Pillars in Medicine”, aims to become a national event with the participation of 40 medical schools from all over the country, and is interested in the creation of learning and feedback spaces between future health professionals with the purpose of improving their knowledge regarding the most prevalent pathologies of the Colombian population.

In other words, it aims to improve the quality of care in the population, allowing better identification, approach and intervention in all areas related to clinical practice (internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics, and surgery).

Focus area:

Surgical Skills, History Taking, Diagnostic measures, Clinical Examination, Doctor-Patient communication skills, Diagnostic tests interpretation, Maternal and Child Health Clinical Skills, Soft Skills for medical practitioners

Problem statement:

According to the Pan American Health Organization, for every 10 thousand inhabitants there must be 25 doctors, and although in Colombia there is 26 doctors for every 10 thousand people, but in our country, this is not enough to offer good coverage of health services, given the current conditions of Colombian medical insurance.
In addition, according to indicators of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection from Colombia, between 2014-2018, the quality of health care has not improved, which is worrisome given the number of graduates of the 57 faculties of medicine from all over the country, which is estimated at 2,300 professionals graduated annually.
The congress “Clinical Pillars in Medicine” intends to be a national event of great importance for the updating and discussion of knowledge related to the prevalent diseases in Colombia, in which it is expected that 40 Colombian medical schools will participate with the purpose of sharing and/or supplying knowledge that will improve medical practice and allow professionals to grow with scientific and moral integrity. In addition, it aims to address the basic pillars of health care such as internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics, and surgery.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Medical students, interns, general practitioners and residents of the different medical surgical specialties in the country.

Objectives and indicators of success:

•Acquire and strengthen scientific knowledge of the “Enfoque multidisciplinario de las enfermedades prevalentes de Colombia”, to provide academic, professional and social skills that allow students and health professionals to provide comprehensive care based on the advances and the most updated techniques of medicine.
•Have the most innovative information in the approach from the different branches that comprise the most prevalent conditions in Colombian, gathering exhibitors of the highest quality and with the best training in their field of action to lead the learning spaces
•Generate an opportunity for cultural and social interaction among the participants of the event, promoting the participative culture offering sites for discussion and feedback that can allow personal and professional development of the medical exercise in virtue and commitment of the Colombian population.

Success indicators:
•Indicator 1: Quantity and quality of skills and knowledge acquired by students, through a self-assessment process that internalizes and expresses what was learned after the event.
•Indicator 2: Knowledge and skills of students and health professionals when acting upon situations of imminent danger.
•Indicator 3: Knowledge and skills of students and health professionals in their initial assessment of patients in the emergency department and / or outpatient clinic.


First, carry out workshops, lectures and conferences, with the intention of explaining the initial approach and management of the most prevalent pathologies that affect the Colombian population.
In addition, encourage discussion and reflection spaces through the development and / or resolution of clinical cases, which will be directed by professionals of areas that are specifically related to the case scenario so that they can provide a general perspective of the possible solution to it. It should be noted that they will be raised from a medical ethical problem to encourage a critical position regarding the situation and its possible intervention.

Plans for evaluation:

•The first group mentioned will evaluate the project through group feedback, to recognize the things that can be improved in future projects.
•The second group is intended to know the satisfaction and pleasure of the academic event in order to improve possible future interventions, as well as the level of approach and understanding that they believe was achieved with the publics participation (subjective measure).
•The third group will be use a survey as a qualifying instrument in printed form, with which it is intended to evaluate if the initial objectives were reached and if the results were obtained with the least number of resources and by carrying out the proposed schedule in an organized manner

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