Child Abuse Prevention – Egypt (IFMSA-Egypt)

Name of the activity: Child Abuse Prevention

Country/NMO:  Egypt (IFMSA-Egypt)

Program: Children Health & Rights


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign


General description:

Spread awareness on child abuse of all types physical, emotional, sexual and neglect and insuring every child got their full rights and holding abusers against their actions by doing physical and online campaigns to children, parents and teachers

Focus area:

Children’s mental health, Children & the dangers of substance abuse, Children’s rights, Children’s rights with emphasis on the right to education, Children’s rights with emphasis on non-violence, Children’s rights with emphasis on non-discrimination

Problem statement:

Widespread violence, exploitation, human trafficking and inadequate family care
resulting in many children living on the street that’s all affect children in Egypt.
More preventive and responsive child protection services is needed. Every year
many reports of child abuse are made in every country; So we need to raise
awareness to put an end to this.
How child abuse affects children?
1.Physical: It may include burns or bruises in the shape of objects. It can lead to death. Also eating problems.
2. Sexual: Inappropriate sexual behaviors and may exhibit overly sexualized behavior or use of explicit sexual language.
3. Emotional: Depression, anxiety, aggression returning to old behaviors, sleep problems and nightmares.
4. Neglect: Lack of personal care engaged in high risk activities using in drugs or alcohol.
Child Abuse Statistics:
-About 5 children die every day.
– 1.6 million children are involved in child labor.
– About 20% of women and 5-10 % of men report being sexually abused as children.
– 25 – 50 % children report being physically abused.
As IFMSA-Egypt activists we have a great interest to make change in our society we realized that the problem has deep roots that extend deep in the mindset. We discovered that in order to solve such problem we need to change that mindset.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

About 50 Parents
About 30 teachers
legal guardians, about 100 children from (6-15)

Objectives and indicators of success:

Goal 1: Preventing violence against children and raising awareness of target children about child abuse.
Obj. 1.1: Awareness play using different theater scenarios.
Obj. 1.2: Raising children’s awareness using music.

Goal 2: Participate in holding abusers against their actions and limit the spread
of violence.
Obj. 2.1: Raising awareness of parents about child abuse, the possible side effects and the possible preventions of such act.
Obj. 2.2: Aware parents about what they need to teach their children, so they
would be aware.
Obj. 2.3: Showcase examples of such act to parents to feel how important it is to
take care of their children even from relatives.


1.Preparation; Gathering a National Team
It will be consisted of Local Coordinators of LCs.
There will be regular meetings with them to coordinate all work & updates.
-Responsible for data collection for the National Online Campaign.
– Responsible for suggesting questions for the new survey and modifying some
from the old one.
Timeline: October & November, 2017

2.National TOT:
After the workshop finishes which is done by “Save The Children” for students in
Cairo & Alexandria only, we will use the experience that they gained from it and
conduct a workshop for all the Local Committees and also try to find a speaker to say some words if possible, after that we will open a call for an LC to host the
workshop and it will take part in the last week of November, 2017.

3. National Online Campaign:
There will be an online campaign with different waves, which are:
-What is child abuse and its types?
– What are the effects of this abuse on children? “Plus real stories”
– How can we treat children without abusing them?
Timeline: December, 2017

1.Local Training of Trainers:
– Further capacity building, preparing the members for the campaign
(20 students / Local Committee)
– Content: Same as National Training
– Follow up: Responsible for the school visits/parent meetings within them such
as schools, orphanages or clubs.
• Child sexual harassment puppet show
• Physical and Psychological Rights
• A play show about “when to tell daddy”
• Playing a musical song
• A play about bad habits (smoking, tooth brushing and others.
-Target Group:
• Children: 30-50
children in each LC.
• Teachers/Parents: 10-20
teachers/parents in each LC.
-Timeline: March & April, 2018

2. Physical Campaigns/Visits:
This is the most important part of the whole project. We will be targeting
kindergarten students up to grade three in places that gather children.
Timeline: March & April, 2018
Venue: To be decided later.

Plans for evaluation:

1)Continuous feedback gathering from the National Team through google forms
and via the Local Coordinators.
2) Continuous monitoring from the National Coordinator to the Local
Coordinators work and on a larger scale from the PSDD upon the National
Coordinator through continuous database filling with the updates.
3) Simple interactive/oral quizzes aiding the immediate delivery of the message to the school students.
4) Competition in classes to present the message conveyed after the session or
asking the student to do an interactive assignment according to the socioeconomic class of the students and the cooperation of the schools’

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