Campaign against child sexual abuse – Ghana (FGMSA)

Name of the activity: Campaign against child sexual abuse

Country/NMO: Ghana (FGMSA)

Program: Children Health & Rights


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign


General description:

Campaign against child sexual abuse is the activity intended to affiliate with the children health and rights program under ifmsa. In recent years in Ghana there has been an increment in the number of sexual abuse cases from 33% in 2014 to 40% in 2017. This calls for action from all and sundry. The project is target at children (under 17) and they are the major beneficiaries. The objectives include sensitizing the public on the horrid effects, educating the children on the warning signs of impending danger, stimulate the desire in all to act and to implore the legislators to put in stringent measures to deal with offenders. The activity will include a social media campaign, radio/TV campaign, school based activities. At the end of it, we hope to stimulate the desire in all to act to reduce the menace.

Focus area:

Children’s rights with emphasis on non-violence

Problem statement:

Recent years have seen ascendancy in the number of child sexual abuse cases being reported across the length and breadth of Ghana; about 40% of children in Ghana according to the domestic violence unit of Ghana have been sexually abused, an increment of 7% from 2014. Out of this figure, 29% were defilement cases and 11% were rape cases. The rapid rise in these sickening occurrence calls for all interested parties to take up the challenge to fight this inhumane act within the framework of the law so as to protect the children.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Target group is the children (below 17 years) with special attention to the female sex. Beneficiaries include the children, Medical students, Parents.

Objectives and indicators of success:

* to sensitize the country on the horrid effects of sexual abuse on the child, family and country. This will be measured by the number of schools visited across the country and number of media platforms utilised. Also by how contributive and interactive the children and public will be during the campaigns in schools and on radio and TV.

* the stimulate the desire in all and sundry to do something possible to stop this menace. This will be measured by the number of individuals, NGOs, civil society groups and companies who will join the campaign or sponsor or take up action or new groups formed with same focus and course of action

* to educate the children on warning signs of impending danger and preventive measures. The success of this depends on how interactive children will be during the campaigns

* to implore legislators to put in stringent measures to punish offenders severely. The success of this depends on our ability to send petitions to the legislators and ensure it is discussed on the media and in parliament.


There are four medical schools in different regions in Ghana. Each medical school will work around their region. The activities include

1. Social media campaign: fliers will be shared across WhatsApp and Facebook featuring anyone willing to join the campaign. Fliers will contain and carry our message across. Similarly for our T-shirts and souvenirs.

2. Radio/TV discussions: media houses in the various regions will be contacted for platforms to discuss our activity and the problem. Discussions will be centred on effects of the abuse and preventive measures. Discussions should feature resource persons.

3. School based activity: basic, junior and high schools will be visited. At least 1/2 of all schools in a particular region should be covered and the message sent across. The session should be interactive and educative.

Plans for evaluation:

*A decrease in the number of cases across the country
*When the petition to parliament is discussed in the house
*NGOs and other groups sprout up with the same focus
*there should be media attention

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