Call for 12th Youth PreWHA participants & 77th World Health Assembly Delegates


The 77th World Health Assembly (WHA) will be held from the 27th-1st of June 2024, in Geneva, Switzerland. Attended by delegations from almost 200 Member States as well as recognized international NGOs and other Non-State Actors, the WHA is the annual gathering of the highest decision-making body of the World Health Organization. 

As in previous years, IFMSA will be organizing a Youth PreWHA on the days prior to the WHA in Geneva, but this time with a combination of virtual and in-person events delivered through two different tracks; Global Health Education and Global Health Advocacy Track, with the dates as follows:

The Youth PreWHA is open to members of IFMSA National Member Organisations as well as other young people from various disciplines, creating an interprofessional working environment.

Available Spots

The 12th Youth PreWHA Programme will be accepting a total of 60 Applicants from Students of other disciplines from all over the world (including 15 spots reserved for online applicants) for the Global Health Education Track. 

The Global Health Advocacy Track will be accepting a total of 20 applicants from IFMSA only to join in forming the IFMSA Delegation the 77th World Health Assembly. The delegation will consist of a total of 30+ people, including the Organizing Committee and a select group of IFMSA Officials.

Registration Fees

The registration fee of Youth PreWHA 2024 is expected to be no higher than 500 euros in total for in-person participants to the Global Health Education Track. And no higher than 700 euros for delegates enrolled in the Global Health Advocacy Track. 

This fee will cover:

  • All Youth PreWHA sessions including the venue;
  • Food during the in-person part of the Youth PreWHA 2024;
  • Accommodation in Geneva depending on the track enrolled
    • Global Health Education: Arrival day on the 18th of May and Departure day on 24th of May (6 Nights) 
    • Global Health Advocacy:  Arrival day on the 18th of May and Departure day on 2nd of June (15 Nights) 
  • All online platforms used for the duration of the event.

Full payment would be expected in February; more information on payment and registration will be shared with accepted applicants. If you are successful in your application, you will be informed regarding the final cost as soon as possible.

Application Process

Step 1: Prepare your Candidature Form

The Candidature Form (CF) should be signed and stamped by the  NMO President of your national member organization (NMO). If the candidate is the NMO President, the confirmation must be signed by a suitable alternative NMO board member. Your CF should be ready before filling out the Application Form above as you will be asked to upload it in the Application Form. A correctly filled CF is mandatory for your application to be considered valid. Please check the Sample Candidature Form here and make sure your CF is exactly filled like this, otherwise, it will be invalid.  

If you are not part of IFMSA, but a member from another student or youth organization, your CF needs to be signed by your Global Youth/Student Organization President or suitable alternative board member, not a National Board Member.

Step 2: Fill out the Application Form

The deadline for applications is the 3rd of January 2024, 23:59 GMT. Please note that the scoring and evaluation processes might be time-consuming. Accepted applicants will be notified by February 2024. Moreover, you may wish to refer to the IFMSA ‘How to Write an Application Manual’ to help you in this process! Incomplete or late applications will not be taken into consideration. 

** Please note that the Global Health Advocacy Track is limited only to members of IFMSA for the time being. 

Evaluation Criteria

The applicants will be evaluated based on the following selection criteria:

  • To apply, you have to be a health student during the event or have been a student within 6 months before the selection (February). 
  • The motivation for attending the Youth PreWHA/WHA and how you will use this experience in the future.
  • A keen interest in global health issues. (Please note that international experience is not required, and as we are aiming for a balanced experience profile, applicants with local/national experience are welcome to apply as well.)
  • Understanding of IFMSA advocacy work, including the role of young people in global health arenas and and demonstrated applied knowledge (Limited to Applicant of Global Health Advocacy Track) 

Please note that the evaluation of the received applications will be performed objectively with consideration of the criteria mentioned above. Each application will be marked twice anonymously to ensure an unbiased approach. Moreover, strict gender balance and regional representation quotas will be applied in the selection process. 

For further queries please send out an email to [email protected] and check our FAQs.

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