But the poison is hidden in the sugar – IMSA-Iran

Name of the activity: But the poison is hidden in the sugar

Country/NMO: IMSA-Iran

Program: Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases

Contact information: contact [email protected] to get in touch with the Activity Coordinator

Type of the activity: Replicating Activity

Category: Campaign

Focus area: Cancer

Sustainable Development Goals addressed: Diabetes

General description:

This is a diabetes campaign where we advise people about what diabetes is, how to prevent it, and what is the best lifestyle to avoid diabetes based on everyone’s past medical history , family history, random blood sugar test and blood pressure checking results.

Problem statement:

The prevalence of diabetes is increasing in many societies.based on recently epidemiological studies,the population of diabetics in Iran is estimated more than 1.5M people. Meanwhile, about half of people with diabetes are unaware of their disease, which in the future can lead to serious problems.But If we aware and then screen people we can largely control diabetes.So we designed an activity to improve public knowledge about diabetes and improve the health of our cummunity

Target groups:

  • General population
  • Elderly people


  • Medical students
  • Doctors
  • Other health professionals


1.Raise the awareness of booth visitors about diabetes mellitus, including symptoms and early diagnosis, having healthy nutrition and lifestyle for prevention, the consequences of this disease and care after getting diabetes, etc. by distributing an information brochure, and verbal consulting at the day of booth 2.Screening of diabetic and pre-diabetic people by performing BS test for people who have symptoms or risk factors at the day of booth 3.Assessing the information of the booth visitors about the symptoms, prevention and treatment of diabetes by conducting an interview to estimating which topics are more needed to be informed for people by evaluating their answers during and after the booth 4.Increasing the information of IMSA_Ahvaz’s Instagram audience about  more needed topics of diabetes  according to the interview, by publishing the recorded interview and adding more information to it in the form of an Instagram post on IMSA_Ahvaz page five days after setting up the booth

Indicators of Success:

  • At least 50 people should respond to the survey at the end of the brochure regarding the usefulness of its information and at least 60% of them be satisfied with the content and understood the content •At least 70 people should participate in the contest listed at the end of the brochure and at least 30 contestants answer 80% of the contest questions correctly• Identify at least 10 cases of diabetic or pre-diabetic citizen based on BS test• Identify at least 10 cases of citizens prone to diabetes according to the indicators approved by studies to assess risk factors • At least 60% of people who were susceptible to the disease after checking the risk factors during verbal counseling, do a blood sugar test at the booth • according to an oral or written survey,at least 60% of the people who received aconsulting be satisfied with the content provided.•At least 3 people participate in the interview•Achieve at least 100 views and likes for the interview post


Phase zero:Necessary coordination is done with the municipality, the university, the director of the shopping center and the head of the hospital, and the required permits are obtained.Brochures, advertising posters and banners are prepared.A competition of brochure contents is designed and an entertainment pazzel is prepared to attract the attention of the booth visitors.The equipment and questions required for the interview will be prepared.A number of students are trained and receive the necessary information for counseling in the booth.Other tools and equipment needed for the booth are provided with the help of the university. Phase one: Brochures, posters and banners are printed, the booth is prepared for three days in shopping center and hospital.in booth we give informations about diabetes to people and do screening with conducting BS test.phase two: according to data’s collected from interview, results of BS test, results of surveys and contest we access our  success rate

Plans for evaluation:

  • Questions related to the survey regarding the contents of the brochure and services provided in the booth in combination with the competition questions are prepared in a Google form and are inserted as a QR code on the brochure.
  • During and after the consultation at the booth, the audience is surveyed, who either fill in the relevant form in writing or the executive team orally surveys and registers in the form
  • The number of views and likes of Instagram posts are checked • according to answers of the contest and compare it with answers of interview we can find how much our  awareness campaign was useful in increasing general population informations.

External collaborations:

We collaborated with medical equipment shop and diet foods shop, for preparing prizes for winners of our competitions. 

We collaborated with the director of a shopping center for getting permits for setting up booth. 

We got help from cultural deputy of the university to provide the necessary budget and equipment for the booth

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