BRONKUS (Free from Cigarette Towards Healthy Villagers) – Indonesia (CIMSA-ISMKI)

Name of the activity: BRONKUS (Free from Cigarette Towards Healthy Villagers)

Country/NMO: Indonesia (CIMSA-ISMKI)

Program: Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Education


General description:

The activity consist of training for the cadres about the dangers of smoke, cadre formation, counseling to smokers, counseling to elementary school students for the prevention of early smoking.

Focus area:

Tobacco Prevention

Problem statement:

In Surakarta City according the data given by the Health Department of Surakarta, in 2015, the prevalence of smokers in Surakarta approximately 33.5% of the population.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

The first target are all of the smokers in RW 36, Mojosongo to reduce or even stop smoking and starts to smoke in the outside of the house.

Objectives and indicators of success:

Reduce the number of cigarette consumption in the villages at least 10% of the number of smokers to improve public health in the target villages within 1 years.


The activities are the empowerment of health cadres originating from the residents in this case are the PKK mothers as a motivator for smokers to reduce the consumption of smoke or even stop smoking.

Plans for evaluation:

The activity evaluated by the primary and secondary data. First, we collected the secondary data from Dinas Kesehatan Kota Surakarta (Health Department of Suakarta) and doing some discussion with the Head of Health Promotion division in the Health Department of Surakarta. Through that discussion, we got a referral to Puskesmas Sibela (Sibela Society Health Center) in Mojosongo sub-district. After we did conversations with the head of theThe activities of empowerment of health cadres originating from the residents themselves in this case are the PKK mothers as a motivator for smokers to the health of their bodies. The health cadres will receive training and debriefing which covers all the capabilities that must be owned by cigarette. After getting the training, this health cadre will also be a party that more often directly involved and directly interact with the target of smokers in RW 36 to monitor the situation in the field also be a party in cooperation with OC to hold large activities planned as supporting activities . health center, we chose RW 36 which is the target of this activity. It is based on the smokers of the area that are higher than other area. Next, we did the primary data collection. The collection of the primary data was done quantitatively and qualitatively, which is gathered from the database from the survey and interview through questionnaire from the resident in RW 36 Area in Mojosongo sub-District.
Through interviews, we knew opinions and expectations of citizens and residents, also got to know more closely (bonding with residents). Interviews were conducted with reference to the questionnaire. While through questionnaires, the data obtained can be measured and there is a clear comparison. In the questionnaire, we asked about their knowledge of citizens against smoking, daily habits, and attitudes.

After the project was completed with many interventions to the residents, we interviewed the community with the same questionnaire as the questionnaire before the activity was carried out so that we could measure the impact of the project.

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