Breaking The Silence – Unpad

Name of the activity: Breaking The Silence – Unpad

Country/NMO: Indonesia (CIMSA-ISMKI)

Program: Teaching Medical Skills

Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Capacity Building (Training or Workshop). Teaching and develop knowledge, skills and techniques in a particular field. While training can have any form, workshops are more formal and also include exchange of information between participants.

General description:

This activity consists of 2 series of activities, held on two different days. On November 8, 2018, we conducted a seminar with material on views about doctors from the disabled people’s point of view, behavioral ethics on disabled people especially with deaf people, and introduction of sign language by Movement for Indonesian Deaf Welfare (Gerkatin) and Certified Sign Language Interpreters. The seminar opens with a pre-test and ended with a post-test to measure the initial and final knowledge of the participants before and after the seminar. On November 9, 2018, we conducted a Focus Group Discussion. The participants who came were divided into several groups, then each group conducted a FGD with representatives of Gerkatin. In the FGD, Gerkatin explained about sign language and examples of doing anamnesis. Then, the participants repeat the sign language and do the roleplay history.

Focus area:

Doctor-Patient communication skills

Problem statement:

According to Center of Data and Information of Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, in 2010 there were 74,586 people in West Java with severe hearing disabilities.

Until March 2011, The Indonesian Medical Disciplinary Board had handled 48 complaints of disciplinary violations committed by doctor, most of which is caused by lack of doctor-patient communication, though it’s a doctor’s duty to establish good communication with our patient to help the patient to be in a better condition.

Target groups:

Medical students, People with disabilities


Medical students, People with disabilities

Objectives and indicators of success:

• Increasing the awareness of the students of Faculty of Medicine Padjadjaran University about deaf and speech impaired people

– There are a minimum of 50 participants that are students of Faculty of Medicine Padjadjaran University

• Introducing and improving the ability of each participants in sign language.

– An increase in average post-test results compared to the pre-test of 20%

– Implementation of seminar and focus group discussion with the theme of introduction of sign language equipped with anamnesis using sign language training


In preparation of the activity, the we did a pre-activity asssessment on the students of Faculty of Medicine Padjadjaran University regarding their knowledge of sign language and interest in learning it. We contacted the Movement for Indonesian Deaf Welfare (Gerkatin), who have worked with us before, to participate in this activity and give us insights on doing this activity. We also made some posters and promo videos, and posted them on CIMSA FK Unpad’s official Line and Instagram account to attract people to participate in this activity. Then, we also prepared the pre and post test questions by coordinating with Gerkatin. We then arranged the 2 series of activities, the seminar and the FGD/training.

Plans for evaluation:

– We give out an evaluation form of activities filled out by participants after the activity takes place.

– We give out an evaluation form of activities filled out by organizing committee after the activity takes place.

– We conduct committee discussions regarding the evaluation of activities from planning to implementation.

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