Boot Camp 2.0 – AMSA-Kyrgyzstan

Name of the activity: Boot Camp 2.0

Country/NMO: AMSA-Kyrgyzstan

Program: Teaching Medical Skills

Contact information: contact [email protected] to get in touch with the Activity Coordinator

Type of the activity: First time Activity

Category: Capacity Building

Focus area: History Taking, Clinical Examination, Maternal and Child Health Clinical Skills, Soft Skills for medical practitioners

Sustainable Development Goals addressed: GOAL 4: QUALITY EDUCATION

General description:

This workshop was conducted in order to acknowledge practical lessons in therapy, nursing and neonatal resuscitation which was missed due to COVID-19 pandemic. This was mainly aimed for the medical students to gain knowledge about the various examination techniques used in the subject of therapy and nursing. It also focused on the important practical aspect of the subject of pediatrics which is neonatal resuscitation. It was conducted to make students aware about the general medical skills.

Problem statement:

Medical students of Kyrgyzstan were lacking the practical skills due to Pandemic, 90% of medical students whose classes were online when the basics of nursing and therapy were taught they were unable to perform the crucial practical skills like injections, inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation. Due to this workshop, the students would be motivated and improve their practical skills which is very important for the general public in future.

Target groups:

Medical students


Medical students


1.To aware 50% of medical students of the semesters having online classes that covered the basics of therapy and nursing were taught.
2.To introduce the practical skills of therapy, nursing, and pediatrics to 80% of the workshop’s registered participants.
3.To guarantee that the practical skills taught during the workshop could be learned and applied by 80% of the registered participants.

Indicators of Success:

We successfully informed 75% of the online students about basic nursing and therapy skills, which was more than expected.
We were successful in increasing the registered participants’ practical knowledge about nursing, therapy and pediatrics.
Approximately 60% of the students learned the skills and demonstrated them in front of the teachers, which was greatly appreciated.


Registrations and promotions were started 1 week prior to the workshop. The facilitator and participants were kept up to date about the event. This workshop was conducted at Clinical Simulation Center of International Higher School of Medicine. Around 36 students were there in each time slot. They were divided into 3 rooms consisting of 12 students each. They were rotated in each room after every 30 minutes.
The workshop was divided into 3 categories (i.e. in 3 separate rooms)
Category 1 :THERAPY- Palpation, Percussion
Category 2 : NURSING- Injection, Catheterization
Category 3 : PEDIATRICS- Neonatal resuscitation
There were 4 time slots- 08:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 13:00 PM and 15:00 PM
Each session was about 90 minutes with break time of 1hr 30min after 2 slots
One of the teacher assigned was unable to come because of which one slot of nursing was empty. We requested the assistant teacher to continue the next slot of the teacher who did not came as she knew all the procedures

Plans for evaluation:

Evaluations were done by the teachers teaching in each slots. After the practical skills were taught, teachers told the students to perform the same practical skills in order to figure out what the student understood. The students performed injections, catheterization, palpation, percussion, neonatal resuscitation on the dummies present in the Clinical Simulation Center.
Before the workshop students having online classes weren’t aware about the practical skills in nursing and therapy. After the workshop students were able to apply the practical aspects taught to them physically on the dummies by the teachers. All the students appreciated this workshop as the essentials were missed due to the covid-19 pandemic.

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