Blood donation

Name of the activity: Blood donation

Country/NMO: Iraq (IFMSA-Iraq)

Program: Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action

Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Third Party Activities. Supporting an individual or a group to tackle an issue, either in the form of fundraising (collecting money) or operative work (help with administrative tasks of other organizations or communities).

General description:

As a summary , After an extensive research of Mosul Medical students

(IFMSA-Iraq) Members , there was a great number of areas that needed an immediate help in Mosul Health sector , a limitation emerged which is absence of sponsors and financial liquidity in general in the newly liberated city , so blood donation was the fittest as an initiative , in cooperation with local authorities and trained staff , medical students were proudly able to leave their signature in the rebuilding process of the destroyed city

Focus area:

Populations in emergency, disaster and post-disaster settings

Problem statement:

After the fall of Mosul ( Northern west of Iraq ) under terrorist group of ISIS , there was an enormous decline in the quality of life for Mosul population , health care , Medical education , and hospital supply were at the lowest point since the creation of Iraqi health care and many are still suffering even after liberation

source :

Target groups:

General population, Medical students


General population, Medical students

Objectives and indicators of success:

1-Provide an adequate blood for Mosul blood banks in hospitals , where it suffers an extreme shortage of

indicators of success : Increase over all hospital ability of providing blood for patients and decrease in the mortality due to blood shortages

2-Provide a chance for Medical students for an early interaction with patients , strengthen and an early clinical practice

Indication of success : Better communication skills for all participants

3- Grow initiatives spirit among youth , and help to unite the community through any future disaster (if any)

Indication of success : increase in the overall number of humanitarian initiatives among youth generally and medical students to a specific a specific extent


In cooperation with Iraqi health ministry and Mosul blood bank . an ambulance car provided with all blood donation and transfer medical kit , rotates on public crowded areas and colleges ,

a group of medical students participants who also rotate with the ambulance explain who they and what they are doing to public , consent is taken from blood donners with all of their information including contact, all under logistics control of Iraqi ministry of health . a trained staff from the ministry of health accompany us all through the process .

Plans for evaluation:

Since the campaign was executed under supervision and logistic control of Iraqi Ministry of health , the monitoring method will solely depend on data of the daily , monthly and annual difference between demand and supply provided by the Mosul blood bank .

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