Blood donation … today from you, tomorrow for you. – Algeria (Le Souk)

Name of the activity: Blood donation … today from you, tomorrow for you.

Country/NMO: Algeria (Le Souk)

Program: Organ, Marrow & Tissue Donation


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign


Focus area:

Blood donation

Problem statement:

In Algeria,we always lack of blood to transfuse because people are not aware of the importance of blood donation and don’t know how it goes or that it’s totally safe. That’s why we decided to conduct this campaign and celebrate the blood donation day

Target groups and beneficiaries:

We organise this campaign mainly on line, and our target group was the algerian youth in 4 different cities, but also other age categories through mosques and radio stations. And the benefeciaries are patients in need of transfusions in 4 important cities of Algeria (Algiers, Constantine, Batna and Bejaia) but also transfusion centers(more donors)

Objectives and indicators of success:

– Raise awareness about the importance of blood donation(and yes people interracted with us through infographics we shared through facebook pages of the 5 different LC’s in 4 different cities of Algeria)
– Delete some myths about blood donation(in the direct awarness campaign in mosques,we corrected some false information that people have)
– Increase the numeber or blood bags in ramadan(transfusion centers in Constantine reached 3160 blood bags this ramadan which represents a 74% increase)


First,we made infographics in two different languages(arabic and frensh) that treated both scientific and humanitarian sides of the question and shared them through different facebook pages and instagram accounts (link )
Then,we contacted transfusion centers and collaborate with them to organise blood collects in mosques, which allowed us to have direct sensitization through brocures.
Also,we participated in a radio show with health professionals.
Finally, we made a quiz in two different languages ( arabic and frensh : ) and we reached 200 poeple so far.

Plans for evaluation:

We count on the on line quiz we already shared, we beleive that social medias are an effective tool to reach our main target group(youth)
We also count on the number of blood bags that we will report based on information gathered by tansfusion centers.

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