Blood Donation Campaign – Nigeria (NiMSA)

Name of the activity: Blood Donation Campaign

Country/NMO: Nigeria (NiMSA)

Program: Organ, Marrow & Tissue Donation


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign


Focus area:

Blood donation

Problem statement:

Anaemia kills thousands of people in developing countries like Nigeria. So many patients cannot afford consultation fees, how much more Blood when needed. This campaign aims to encourage people who are healthy, to donate blood and save lives

Target groups and beneficiaries:

The target group is Medical, Nursing and Physiotherapy students in Bowen University Teaching Hospital to make Blood donation a lifestyle. Also to publicise the campaign as much as possible so as to encourage people far away to participate. The beneficiaries are the patients we come in contact with on daily basis.

Objectives and indicators of success:

-To sensitize students to be regular donors, an indicator of success is interest of student to give blood to those in need of it
-Encourage donors to bring in more donors, indicator of success is the increase in the number of regular donors amongst students
-To encourage students to spread the word and use their influence in the society to educate the public on the importance of blood donations, success is attained whe we have more indigenes of the town as donors


A video has been made on problem statements on blood donation, importance of donation and how to donate. The video is to be uploaded on youtube and the association’s social media platforms.
Student’s have been encouraged to donate blood and donors have been taking pictures with a designed cardboard which reads ‘I just donated blood’
Graphic designs to be on all social media platforms to spread the word and encourage others outside our reach

Plans for evaluation:

Evaluation would be based on the number of students and outsiders who showed interest in donation and the number who were eligible to donate blood.
Also based on how far and wide we were able to publicise this campaign

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