Barcelona Global Health Summer School 2017: Innovation, Access & Health – Catalonia, Spain (AECS)

Name of the activity: Barcelona Global Health Summer School 2017: Innovation, Access & Health

Country/NMO: Catalonia, Spain (AECS)

Program: Teaching Medical Skills


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Capacity Building and Education


General description:

The BGHSS2017 is a course that aims to improve future health professionals’ knowledge on R&D systems and their gaps.

Focus area:


Problem statement:

As the UNHLP on Access to Medicines rightly highlights, there is a policy incoherence between the justifiable rights of inventors, international hu-man rights law, trade rules and public health in the context of health technologies. There is a lack of training regarding these issues amongst young health professionals and students.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

The primary target group are the medical & health science students part of IFMSA network and the members of AECS-Catalonia.
The second target group are the young professionals coming from different backgrounds interested in learning more about adolescents’ health issues, and more broadly, about global health challenges.
The beneficiaries are members of the community that interact with the target group, in-cluding but not limited to patients and colleagues.

Objectives and indicators of success:

1. To bring understanding of the broad range of trade, public health, human rights and legal issues associated with innovation of, and access to health technologies.
1.1Number of students and young professionals attending each session (attendance registry).
1.2Pre & Post evaluation surveys assessing participants’ knowledge.
1.3General feedback on the sessions delivered by various ac-tors.
2. Develop participants’ competencies in research of problems and solution of the different R&D Systems.
2.1Assessment of the final projects to be carried out by partici-pants.
3. Create a network of students and young health professionals aware of the pros and cons of the different R&D and innovation systems, and their impact on access to health technologies. 3.1Continuous updates and reach out to group 3, 6 and 12 months after the BGHSS


The methodology used will be a six days course with training activities including conferences, workshops and the elaboration of research projects.
This activity needs a compromised organizing committee (OC) that starts work-ing in autumn and after the Barcelona Global Health Summer School. The OC will be formed by members of each organization involved (IFMSA, AECS and ISGlobal) and three additional volunteers. All the members of the OC interested in participate in the BGHSS will have their fees covered.
The support from ISGlobal is crucial to ensure the activity runs smoothly. ISGlobal has been collaborating in order to develop the program, the logistics needed for registration and pay-ments and promotion. Medical students and recent graduates are also supporting the organi-zation of the BGHSS.
The speakers are selected and confirmed.
The course price is covered by the participants’ fees.

Plans for evaluation:

– Online evaluation of each session
– Online general evaluation
– Presential feedback session on the last day of the summer school
– Assessment of the final projects

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