Balloons Memorial – WAD IFMSA Brazil

Balloons Memorial - WAD IFMSA Brazil

On this December 1st, the blue sky of a Brazilian town was invaded by a cloud of almost 100 red balloons.
The IFMSA-Brazil campaign, baptized “Balloons Memorial”, happened in a famous beach of the city of Natal by the local committee of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), contributing to the World Aids Day series of campaigns that are taking place all over the world.
The action began with the gathering of about 28 people excited by the opportunity to spread the Getting To Zero word: zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS related Death. To achieve this goal, the campaign was initialized by the formation of a human ribbon. Then, the participants began talking to the people about the importance of safe sex and also, ways of contamination and the need to respect, love and support the ones living with HIV. Afterwards, they were asked to write the name in the balloon of a beloved friend or relative who was victimized by Aids.
The climax, however, occurred when the group united in a strategic spot to release all the red balloons at once in the sky, promoting a tribute to those people who had their lives shortened by Aids. Like them, the balloons flew up to the heaven, with no certain direction, but with the grace of a wave of love.

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