Awareness and knowledge regarding the usage of antibiotics in general population – Bulgaria (AMSB)

Name of the activity: Awareness and knowledge regarding the usage of antibiotics in general population

Country/NMO: Bulgaria (AMSB)

Program: Communicable Diseases


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Research


Focus area:

Reduce incidence of Antimicrobial Resistance

Problem statement:

AMR is an emerging issue in the world, especially in developed countries in which access to antibiotics is regulated but not well controlled. This, as well as unfounded prescriptions of antibiotics are the main cause of AMR

Target groups and beneficiaries:

We will interact with the general population, and in particular with young parents who, when concerned , tend to overuse antibiotics in order to protect their child not knowing they could do more harm than good. After the activity we will interact with stakeholders and policy makers to advocate for better policies and better control of usage of antibiotics. The beneficiaries: the whole community is protected from infections caused by resistant bactera, the hospitals have less expenses for treating resistant infections.

Objectives and indicators of success:

Conduct a survey regarding the awareness of AMR and usage of antibiotics – indicator: at least 500 answers for 1 school year.
Process data
Make a statement on behalf of NMO and seek meeting with policy makers


With the help of a professor of Clinical Pharmacology and an IFMSA Alumnus we have created a questionnaire of 11 questions (including 3 demographic questions). 4 of them are regarding the usage and acccess to antibiotics, 4 are regarding knowledge and awareness of AMR.
This questionnaire will be conducted during another activity (Teddy Bear Hospital), where we will have the chance and time to communicate with the parents. This activity will take place in 5 cities in the country in the course of one school year.

Plans for evaluation:

As mentioned before this activity aims to gather statistical data on the usage of antibiotics and then use them for advocacy. This been said, we think that the real comparison will come much later, when we have made our statement based on data, and asked for changes in the policy and control.

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