ATTENTIVE (Avoid Dengue with Preventive Measure)

Name of the activity: ATTENTIVE (Avoid Dengue with Preventive Measure)

Country/NMO: Indonesia (CIMSA-ISMKI)

Program: Communicable Diseases

Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Capacity Building (Training or Workshop). Teaching and develop knowledge, skills and techniques in a particular field. While training can have any form, workshops are more formal and also include exchange of information between participants.

General description:

ATTENTIVE (Avoid dengue with Preventive Health Education) is one of the DOPH MSCIA UB projects that has a focus on Communicable Disease. The ATTENTIVE implementation has been held in 2 series of activities. The first intervention is done by giving a lecture to the volunteers which are skill of communication and dengue in general. The second intervention of Attentive was held on Saturday, October 27, 2017 in Bandungrejosari village, Malang. This second series is an extension of the Do To Door to the community of RW 008 Bandungrejosari and has reached 67 houses, after that we cleaned the village by doing some plogging around there to prevent a dengue mosquito arise again

Focus area:

Prevention of Communicable Diseases | Neglected Tropical Diseases (focus on Rabies, Dengue and Echinococcosis)

Problem statement:

In 2015, Malang City Health Service Data stated that there were 298 cases of DHF patients and in 2016 DHF (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever) in Malang City increased fivefold in the past two months even some had died. Therefore, the mortality rate of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) can be used as an indicator of community welfare, especially indicators of infectious diseases (Communicable Desease).

Target groups:

General population, Medical students, Children, Youth, Women


General population, Medical students, Children, Youth, Women

Objectives and indicators of success:

Door to door counseling was held in Bandung Rejosari Village RW 8 because the incidence of DHF in the area was high in the Malang area. The target is a minimum of 30 volunteers from FK UB Students and 50 houses in Bandung Rejosari Village RW 8.


1. Increasing public awareness of health and cleanliness of the environment through plogging

2. Increasing public knowledge about dengue fever through door to door counseling

3. Increase public knowledge about prevention of Dengue Fever in the form of 3M implementation and distribution of ABATE Powder and bathroom brushes by volunteers

4. Train hard skills and soft skills of volunteers and MSCIA members in the form of volunteer TOTs held before door to door counseling

Plans for evaluation:

After doing pre test and post test we can see that the score of post test from pre test increasing. This data show that we are sucessfully educating the citizens in there.

For the follow-up method, later we will follow up two weeks later after the second day of ATTENTIVE implementation to ensure that residents have carried out 3M activities and have not forgotten the material we provided.

Our evaluation is lack of coordination between the field coordinator and the cadre, so that the location of the house with the sticker was confused and there were also some residents whose stickers were taped so they had to find a replacement house so that the indicators were met.

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