Country/NMO: Indonesia (CIMSA-ISMKI)

Program: Communicable Diseases


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign


General description:

1. Increase public knowledge about dengue feverin the form of counseling to be provided by the volunteers of the newmember MSCIA to be done for 1 day
2. Increase public knowledge about prevention dangue fever in the form of 3M implementation and distribution of ABATE Powderwill be accompanied by volunteers from new member MSCIA who willdone for 1 day
3. Training hard skills and soft skills of DOPH members and other MSCIA membersin the form of TOT volunteer to be held 1 day in FK UB andconduct counseling directly to the community who will done for 1 day

Focus area:


Problem statement:

Attentive is a project of the department of public health, The problem raised in the ATTENTIVE project is one of the communicable disease that is dangue, dangue disease is very common in Indonesia , in malang precisely bandungrejosari village where Bandungrejosari has highest prevalence dangue disease according to local health service, besides that cause Bandungrejosari village become village with dangue disease highest is lack of follow up from puskesmas local to collect and find out about the number of population bandungrejosari affected every year , other than that cause the population less keeping hygine, healthy lifestyles, Bandungrejosari population are less concerned to maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding environment and lack of education about dengue hazards

Target groups and beneficiaries:

The target of this project is 30 volunteers from SCOPH member and non SCOPH member, and villagers of Bandungrejosari with minimum amount of 45 participating in ATTENTIVE project. The beneficiaries of this project are villagers of Bandungrejosari to be more careful about this disease and can do 3M (menguras , mengubur, menutup) more routinely than before and this project also benefits ATTENTIVE volunteers about the dangue hazard, how to give good education to the community

Objectives and indicators of success:

The success indicators of this project is 80% of the ATTENTVE committee and the ATTENTIVE volunteer attends the first day of the ATTENTIVE the training of trainers for the ATTENTIVE volunteers and the second day of door to door counseling to the village bandungrejosari , next indicator of success is the understanding of volunteers to material public speaking and dangue at least 75% volunteer understand about that with the difference between pre test and post test 15 points on 75% of participants, and next indicator of success population bandungrejosari doing 3M is 15 houses,


The method used by the ATTENTIVE project is “door to door” which provides counseling to the inhabitants of bandungrejosari by means of each group volunteers group contains three people with the provisions of one group there must be one volunteerfrom SCORE its task is to fill 3M checklist by looking at the surrounding environment and bathroom survey every house so that the volunteer knows the house to be done 3M according to the checklist indicator.every volunteer;s group give counseling minimal three house.we use poster media, the contents of the poster are danger and cause dangue, dangue prevention, how to do 3m, dangue, after checking the bathroom and counseling volunteer give the abate powder to each house given counseling so that residents more spirit to apply 3M (cover, bury, drain) regularly and do not forget to document, for timeline ATTENTIVE there is 2 day on September 5, 2017, provided training of trainers to thirty ATTENTIVE volunteers on public speaking and about dangue disease of theaterers were lecturers of UB faculty of medicine with different focus the first materials about public speaking and the second materials internal diseases and volunteer get the module facilitation so that volunteers can still learn independently on the second day ie on 23 september 2017 ATTENTIVE provide counseling for villagers bandugrejosari with methods already described above with a minimum target of fourty five homes and target volunteer must do 3M minimal fifty house. besides that population of Bandungrejosari give a good feedback for our volunteer

Plans for evaluation:

the evaluation methodology used previously is we make the permit application letter data of the highest dangue disease in malang, the first letter we made addressed to bakesbangpol, the purpose of this bakesbangpol facilitate the request data when in the health office, after the letter bakesbangpol finished we submitted the letter to the health department after the data out we can determine the village that will do this activity, seen from the data 2015 and 2016 highest dangue figures are in the village Bandungrejosari, after that we make a letter requesting the implementation of activities to the village head,

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