Standing Committees, NMO Management and Presidents' Sessions

The sessions are the key to every IFMSA Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting. Each Standing Committee will have its own sessions for its members, the CB RA will coordinate NMO Management sessions for registered members to join it, while the NMO Presidents will join the Presidents’ sessions, all of which will run in parallel with each other.


The Standing Committee on Research Exchange (SCORE) mission is to offer future physicians an opportunity to experience research and diversity in countries all over the world.

The Professional Exchange program is a full educational program offering clerkships to medical students abroad.


NMO Management

Medical Education (SCOME)

The Standing Committee On Medical Education (SCOME) is a dedicated organ which aims to implement an optimal learning environment for all medical students around the world.

Human Rights & Peace (SCORP)

The Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace unite students who strive to create an equal and peaceful world and believe in international, intercultural as well as interpersonal solidarity. We believe in everybody’s responsibility as well as the ability to contribute to creating this world, as human rights can only exist when it applies to all humans

Public Health (SCOPH)

The Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH) brings together medical students from all over the world to learn, build skills, cooperate, explore and share ideas when it comes to addressing all issues related to public health, including global health issues, health policies, health promotion and education, activities.

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV and AIDS (SCORA)

The Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV and AIDS is a gathering of passionate individuals who are committed to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights and are arduous about creating positive change in their local communities.

About the Standing Comittees

IFMSA works on the local and national levels mainly via its six standing committees, each of them focusing on major health topics and medical student-related interests.

Each Standing Committee is headed by an International Director, who is supported by an international team generally consisting of one Liaison Officer (who is responsible for communication with relevant external partners) and five Regional Assistants (one from each of IFMSAs five regions). On the national level, the Standing Committee is coordinated by the National Officer, who is elected at each NMOs National General Assembly. On the local level the work is executed by one or more Local Officers.

The International Director is the main responsible for the activities and capacity building of his/her standing committees. He/she is in charge of the standing committees sessions at the General Assemblies, and is mandated to represent his/her field of work within the Team of Officials.

The Regional Assistants assume majorly the communications with the National and Local Officers of their respective regions. They are in charge of the standing committees sessions at their Regional Meetings, and can be asked, by the Director, to contribute to general tasks related to the development of their standing committee.

The work of each standing committee is complemented by several activities, such as training, campaigns and advocacy efforts, offering youth the space to learn in both formal and non-formal educational settings. Thousands of projects, activities, conferences and workshops are organized each year internationally, nationally and locally through National Member Organizations within the IFMSA network in each area, allowing students to become agents of change at home.