Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the Regional Meeting is a formal affair where representatives of various sponsors and supporters of the event will be invited. In the past, keynote speakers in the opening ceremony have ranged from Country Presidents, Health Ministers, to WHO representatives. It acts as the official start of the Regional Meeting and the members of the Team of Officials and Regional Team will be introduced during this part of the event.

Theme Events

The theme of this Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting is “Pandemics in the Digital Era”. We will be having three events with external speakers who will share with us their expertise, opinions, and reflections on the topic.

Activities Fair

Activities Fair allows NMOs to share their activities with the delegates of the APRM. It is a

wonderful opportunity to converse with the main coordinators and gain insight into their activities. For this year, the activities fair will be held on a new virtual platform. We aim to create and give the delegates a breathtaking atmosphere similar to a physical fair.

If your NMO has activity or multiple activities on the final list for the Activities Fair, we recommend that your entire delegation be involved in the preparations, so always have someone standing at your virtual stand to entertain all spectators, most especially the judges.

Scientific Poster /
Research Fair

Scientific Poster Fair or Research Fair provides an opportunity for Young Researchers to be able to show and present their research work in any field. You will be able to learn, discover, share, and discuss different researches here! Empower yourself in research and engage with the FIRST Scientific Poster Fair / Research Fair in APRM!

Exchanges Fair

Exchanges Fair is the exhibition where the hard work and the glory of the Asia-Pacific Exchanges-Active NMOs are reflected. You will have the opportunity to promote your exchange program and raise the standards to the highest levels in terms of Academic Quality and Social Program. Let’s share our e-posters and enjoy the Asia-Pacific Exchange Vibes while competing for the best Exchanges Fair Poster Presentation!

Training Sessions

Training Sessions are the backbone of IFMSA as they provide the skills for the members to better organize their time, their work, and their team. During this APRM there will be approximately 10 different training sessions, divided into different levels of experience. It would be useful to have your delegates distributed over the various topics and so you can exchange the information gathered at home. 

Social Programs

Tired from sessions with a lot of informative knowledge? The AP RT had prepared fun and relaxing activities to provide you with plenty of opportunities to break the ice and get to know other APRM participants. Don’t miss the chance to meet new friends from other sessions and NMO.


The Plenary is the highest decision-making body in IFMSA. It is the core of the Regional Meeting and where the representatives of our National Member Organization (NMOs) gather and vote on the changes and chart our way forward for our region. Please make sure that your representative comes on time for the roll call and also encourage your members to join us through the Facebook live stream to witness the highest decision-making body.