Antimicrobial Resistance

Name of the activity: Antimicrobial Resistance

Country/NMO: Egypt (IFMSA-Egypt)

Program: Communicable Diseases

Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Capacity Building, Advocacy, Campaign, and Research. We are working deeply in each point

General description:

AMR national project in IFMSA-Egypt is mainly an advocacy activity depending on raising the public, especially the medical and paramedical students’ awareness, collaborating with the key stakeholders and the government and give evidence-based data about AMR situation in Egypt.

The idea came from how serious the problem worldwide while not having any data even from unofficial sources. Facing the problem of health illiteracy as a 3rd world country put on our shoulders the responsibility to fight in the most impactful areas according to our capacities.

Depending on our spread in most of Egypt governorates and reputation as IFMSA-Egypt to have a capacity building TOTs, physical and online awareness campaigns and surveys and research to implement our ideas, also to monitor and evaluate it through mixed quantitative and qualitative success indicators, we believe that IFMSA-Egypt is playing a key role in decreasing the incidence of AMR infections in Egypt.

Focus area:

Reduce incidence of Antimicrobial Resistance

Problem statement:

Although the Egyptian government has established the national action plan against AMR in April 2017, in collaboration with the WHO,AMR issue still lacks much research to attain evidence-based statistics, advocacy to decision makers for policies writing and implementation, campaigning for the awareness of the affected target groups & the education of the undereducated medical and paramedical students. Therefore, we found it is our duty, as medical students, to work effectively on such a PH issue

Target groups:

General population, Medical students, Healthcare Students, Other Students


General population, Medical students, Healthcare Students, Other Students, Doctors, Other health professionals

Objectives and indicators of success:

1)Increase awareness of 7000 medical & para-medical Egy. university students about mechanisms, epidemiology & impact of AMR by April 2019.

IoSs: Having meeting with NGOs for paramedical students, getting unified action plan, no. of attendees of the national TOT & local workshops,& level of knowledge after each, no. of physical campaigns in Med schools, their outreach

2)Increase awareness of public in Egypt about mechanisms, epidemiology & impact of AMR by April 2019.

IoSs: no. of physical campaigns in Unis & public spaces and their outreach, outreach of facebook posts & no. of LCs sharing posts on their page, no. of LCs conducted online campaigns & their outreach, no. of distributed promotional materials

3)Advocate to the ministries of health & higher education, medical & pharmacist Syndicates to improve antimicrobial stewardship by July 2019.

IoSs: No. of approached organizations & meetings held

4)Assess the situation of AMR in the medical curriculum & advocate to increasing content in curriculum by August 2019

IoSs: no. of LCs participating in surveys, no. & data analysis of responses to survey, no. of LCs reporting AMR situation in their curricula


Activating health students’ alliance with DSSA, EPSF & IVSA & formulating a multi-disciplinary PoA by Nov 2018 by Handover from previous NC & meeting with organizations representatives

•A national 2-day AMR TOT targeting 35 Med students in Feb 2019 by Contacting instructors from WHO & MOH in Nov 2018

•Local workshops for med students at their LCs

•Local Physical & online awareness campaigns for all target grps in synchronization

•Online awareness campaign during WAAW from 12-18/11 on IFMSA-Egypt FB page by preparing simple promotive content

•Preparing fixed promotional materials & encourage LCs to distribute inside Uni hospitals by April 2019

•Meetings to Approach stakeholders to discuss role of IFMSA-Egypt & health alliance in national PoA

•Open SWG to assess AMR situation in Med curriculum in Nov 2018, compare its results with those of a survey to be conducted to assess 4th, 5th & 6th year Med students’ AMR-related knowledge & attitude & presenting results to Unis’ administrations

Plans for evaluation:


•Monitoring of all participating Local Committees through online meetings to ensure the participation.

•LC Visits to ensure sustainability and efficacy.

•Reportiing the phases which is done monthly by local coordinators during the implementation of the project through designed template.


•Developing an evaluation system for national TOT.

•Develop pre and post questionnaire to be filled by participants of national TOT to assess the gained knowledge and skills

•Develop an evaluation form for local workshops

•Develop pre and post questionnaire to be used in local physical campaigns assessing the impact and change of attitude of medical students and public.

•Collecting end term reports from LCs and analyzing the effect of each phase.

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