Antimicrobial Awareness Week

In 2016, IFMSA will be celebrating the Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Week between 15th and 21st November. In relation to this IFMSA and the Standing Committee On Public Health would like to provide you with the following opportunities:



  1. Education: IFMSA targeting medical students
    Education is the basic activity we organize towards creating Impact. Before you can create change, you need to make sure that your collaborators and target groups are well educated on the particular topic.
  2. Campaigning: Students targeting Medical (and other Healthcare) Students, Doctors and the General Population.
    Campaigning can be used to educate our fellow healthcare students and thus find supporters of our actions towards creating change in the world. We have prepared a specific Campaigning Toolkit targeting 1. Medical (and other Healthcare Students), 2. Medical Doctors and 3. The General Population.
  3. Advocacy: Students targeting Decision-Makers.
    Advocacy aims to better the world through the introduction of new laws and regulations towards improving public health of a country or city. Use this toolkit in order to get ideas of how to introduce national (and/or local) regulations on Antimicrobial Resistance in your community through collaboration with the government and other decision-makers.
  4. Research: IFMSA researching the knowledge/behaviors/opinions of medical (and other healthcare) students.
    During this term IFMSAs Policy Statement on Antibiotic Resistance will expire. In order to create a well-rounded, evidence and opinion-based draft Policy Statement to be proposed for adoption during the 66th August Meeting General Assembly, we would like to hear from YOU! Complete our survey to be released with the start of the Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Week (15th-21st November) and help us understand you and our fellow healthcare students!

In order to reach out to the materials, please follow the link to our Knowledge Pre-Assessment:

Note that in order to get direct support on planning your Activity, you can contact the IFMSA Program Coordinator on Communicable Diseases at [email protected]. We look forward to creating impacts in the world together!


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