Another Brick In The Wall – Morocco (IFMSA-Morocco)

Name of the activity: Another Brick In The Wall

Country/NMO: Morocco (IFMSA-Morocco)

Program: Children Health & Rights


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Third Party Activities.


General description:

We allowed 80 children to take fully benefit of their 2 new classes and to study and thrive.The school, freed from this weight can invest in the artistic development of its students and not in the infrastructure of their classes.
What we want to emphasize with this project is that SCORP is not only based on projects of public awareness but also projects having a concrete impact.
Thus, through the video that has been seen 800 times and shared 30 times on social media, we showcase that as great as it can appear, this project is achievable thanks to the members and the sponsors and the personal conviction of each participant who, having brick by brick, was able to build this project.

Focus area:

Children’s rights with emphasis on the right to education

Problem statement:

In Morocco public schools are supervised by the Ministry Of Education that adopted ten years ago a strategy to Improve the teaching quality neglecting the improvement of school’s infrastructure that are located in villages.
Some classrooms didn’t gather the required conditions to host the children in it, that’s why the school’s administration relocated the students in other classes which means that two different grades were sharing the same classroom.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

The persons directly impacted by this project are the 80 children who will finally have their own classroom according to their school grade. Moreover, the teachers can now educate in better conditions.
The beneficiaries are, in one hand, the parents of this children, the city officials and the school administration and director that can focus on other matters that merging two classes of different grades.
On the other hand the SCORP members and the sponsors that contributed for this project.

Objectives and indicators of success:

Specific: we decided to restore a school in a Moroccan village.. The aim is to make the classrooms suitable and appropriate for children to study in.
Measurable: The aim of restoring this two classrooms was give a start to this 80 children to study and thrive in better conditions.
Attainable: We focused more on renovation than building new classrooms and we did a fundraising campaign to buy the supplies, we removed the moisture from the walls, redo the painting and the insulation.
Relevant: this project is it about Right To Education and allowing 80 children to have their own classes and to study and thrive in better conditions.
Time: Started 31st October ended 1st December.


Posters and sponsoring booklet.
Checklist with the needs and aims: To measure exactly the needs we decided to visit many schools, avoiding those who needed to be rebuilt and focused those who needed renovation.
Filled the paperwork with the city officials and the school director.
We received 90 kg of wall painting, books toys donation, curtains and a free transport truck for the supplies.
We bought desks, chalkboards, chairs, books, notebooks, pens and 80 tables,
First, 6 painters went to remove the moisture from the walls, redo the painting and the insulation. Finally the Scorp Members went to decorate with wall drawings, fix the curtains and set up the class with all the supplies.

Plans for evaluation:

First of all, this project was important to us because education is an important matter in our country, which leads a fight against illiteracy.
To make it happen, we have made a checklist with a distribution of the tasks to different members. We had a group that was in charge of the research of the school that is most in line with our skills. For logistics, we looked for many suppliers for tables, desks and boars and we searched sponsors that can contribute to this cause by fundraising monetary or with supplies.
We have ensured that the list was respected, by making adjustments during the many reunions around this project, the posts and the meeting reports shared in our Facebook group.

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