ANEMF’s green book – ANEMF France

Name of the activity: ANEMF’s green book

Country/NMO: ANEMF France

Program: Environment and Health

Contact information: contact [email protected] to get in touch with the Activity Coordinator

Type of the activity: First-time Activity

Category: Campaign

Focus area: Climate Change, Green universities

Sustainable Development Goals addressed: SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), SDG 13 (Climate Action)

General description:

The green book is a document written by our NMO and based on the students’ opinions. This document gathers on one hand facts about the impact of our universities on the environment and on the other hand our propositions to reduce this impact and move towards green and clean universities.

Problem statement:

The Health’s environmental impact is still growing. Yet, as French médical students, we spend our time between hospital and college and we contribute to this impact on the environment. Medical students want this to change so that we can evolve in a eco-responsible environment and a green health system. 

Target groups:

  • Medical students
  • Universities’ Headmaster
  • Ministry of higher education
  • Regional organisation for students (restaurants and logements for students mainly)
  • Regional students’ associations


  • General population
  • Medical students


To raise awareness about environmental problematics within higher education

To suggest solutions to improve the eco-responsibilities of our universities and to present these solutions to the government and those who have the power to make them happen

To give the universities indicators to assess their improvment 

Indicators of Success:

Send the green book to the students’ representatives so they can present it to their dean

Raise awareness by giving formations during ANEMF’s congress

Present the book to our interlocutors (ministry, conference of the deans, …) so they can make decisions and help us set up our propositions


Research on the subject within ANEMF’s database and other ressources since 2019

Creation of the main categories in the book in September 2021

Working group with 10 students’ representatives to establish the solutions together in November 2021

Redaction of the book 

Working group with 2 students to correct the last mistakes

Vote of the green book in December 2021

Creation of a table with all the interlocutors that we should meet in February 2022

Plans for evaluation:

We intend to do a ranking for each college based on the green book and the solutions that we propose. 

This ranking include indicators such as:

– The college’s accessibility  (bike’s stations, accessibility by bus/tramway/subway,  carpool, …)

– The restauration (origin of the food, vegetarian food, the amount of waste)

– Recycling (at the restaurant, in the library, on the campus)

– Energies (lights off or on at night, the universities email, green search engine, …)

– Green spaces on campus

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