And We Continue: Report from the 2nd Team of Officials Meeting of the term!

Get a quick overview of IFMSA here and read more about Team of Officials Meeting 2 here!

Three months into the term, the Team of Officials met in Zagreb, Croatia, for their 2nd face-to-face meeting of the term. It was the perfect time for the team to review the work done so far, to celebrate the successes and to define what is to improve in the next months. Most of our day-to-day communication and work is done online – either via emails or Skype calls. So it is very refreshing and inspiring to see each others. We always get a boost of motivation to work even more for IFMSA after a TOM!

We have detailed our work in our 2nd Team of Officials Meeting in a document that you can download online: TOM 2 Summary & Outcomes Report. It is for you to understand better what we discuss and do at our Meetings, and to be aware of the latest internal developments of IFMSA!

We are proud that we have been able to follow our Plan of Action for 2014/15 – a plan that was built collectively in TOM1 (see previous blog entry). We have made a few adjustments to it, but generally it is an extremely useful tool for the Team of Officials as it helps us track our work more easily. We have also discussed the transition to IFMSA Programs, as several proposals will be up for adoption in the March Meeting! Furthermore, we talked about the work done in external representation and global advocacy; and we brainstormed on the topic of regionalization – which was one of our pursued goals for the term.

We are excited to see you in the March Meeting 2015 in Antalya, Turkey – a meeting we have started to plan a long time ago. We are committed to give you one of the best experience you will ever have!

We are sending you our best wishes for the year to come,

Your Team of Officials 2014/15


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