Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Week Coming to an End

The AMR Awareness Week is about to end, but the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance has just began. As an emerging issue throughout the world, AMR needs to be tackled systematically and consistently, therefore we encourage you to continue taking Action and create impact every day!

Here are the preliminary outcomes of the IFMSA AMR Awareness Week campaign, so far:

The IFMSA Materials related to the AMR Awareness week have been accessed by 209 individuals. On average the target population is 4.52 out of 7 times correct in responding to the questions of the pre-assessment. A comparison with the post-assessment will be completed after 1st December and the results will be shared in January.

11 local and national Activities have been enrolled under the IFMSA Program on Communicable Diseases and so have been 3 International Workshops. Finally, a regional collaboration within the Americas region has recently been enrolled as well! The majority of Activities focus on raising awareness through education and campaigning while some focus on changing regulations through advocacy. For more details you can see here.

Dont forget that IFMSA is currently conducting a Survey on the Knowledge, Behaviors and Attitudes of Healthcare (incl. Medical) Students towards Antimicrobials (incl. Antibiotics) around the world. Make sure to complete, share it with your colleagues and make your voice be heard TODAY. Survey:

We encourage you to continue taking steps towards reducing incidence of Antimicrobial Resistance in your community!

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