Ambassadors of Health – IMSA-Iran

Name of the activity: Ambassadors of Health

Country/NMO: IMSA-Iran

Program: Ethics and Human Rights in Health

Contact information: contact [email protected] to get in touch with the Activity Coordinator

Type of the activity: First-time Activity

Category: Third-party Activity

Focus area: Peace, peacebuilding and health

Sustainable Development Goals addressed: SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities)

Problem statement:

ILO has estimated that there are 250 million child laborers (5-14 years old) worldwide.These children lose opportunity to education.They may have unsafe water supplies and inadequate nutritious food. All of these violate children’s rights and exposes them to increased health risks.

Now according to one of the most important goals of SCORP ,supporting child laborers,we decided to provide a situation for upgrading the physical and mental health of working children.

Target groups:

  • Medical students
  • Healthcare Students
  • Children
  • working children


  • Medical students
  • Healthcare Students
  • Children
  • Working children


1.our main focus was children who were treated in abusive way by their family and had to work for their basic needs.

Indicators of Success:

1.Increasing awareness of 25 working children at the age of 0 to 12 under the auspices of Gorgan Besat Working Children Care Center about various health issues in the form of a show on January 20,2022

2.Preparing and distributing  hygienic packs (including toothbrush, toothpaste, comb) and mirrors,towels and nail clippers for our target group

3.Vision screening for  members of target group performed by an optometrist and  referring the children with ocular weakness to ophthalmologist,on January 20,2022

  1. Improving mental health of  members of target group by playing group games and providing an environment for children to draw their wishes on January 20,2022

5.Height and weight and screening for members of target group and hair hygiene examination on January 20,2022

  1. Providing  packs of vitamin D supplement and iron supplement tablets and donating them to Gorgan Besat Working Children Care Center to distribute them among the families of our target group on January 20,2022


broadcasting a call in form of a poster to collect financial donations and posting it on Children Are Angels Charity’s page and Goumsa’s page and various virtual pages from December 21, 2021 to January 4, 2022

preparing packs and  origami paper SCORP symbol  on  January 10,2022

On January 20,2022 , at 11 o’clock , Charity team and 6 members of  our association will go to Gorgan Besat Working Children Care Center and implement different phases of the project:

training phase

distributing the packs 

improving the mental health of children by playing games and the children will be given crayons and papers and will be asked  to paint their wishes

While drawing, each person takes responsibility for several children and makes sure that they have learned every thing properly and explains the right answer for them if they give the wrong answer.

screening phase : children will be divided into 2 groups for vision screening and for height and weight screening,then the groups will be replaced

Plans for evaluation:




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