Ally or Foe

Written by: Vaishnavi Jamched
University: Bhaskar Medical college, KNRUHs
E-mail: [email protected]

Most threatening at its weakest,
Dangerous but not necessarily tough,
Hazardous enough to end life without a drop of poison,
Wandering through all phases of time,
Our mind is all of this at once.
We are born inexperienced with a resilient and open mind.
The dynamics of life mould our thoughts and dreams,
But how many of us can vouch for a sound mind?
Imaginary concepts of pride and ego lead us to battles that aren’t ours.
Hours of thinking, contemplating and internalizing our beliefs and opinions
Put us in the eye of the storm brewing inside of us.
A storm with no forecasts, but in a veiled pattern.
Our choices are the stepping stones on our path.
Some steps may put us on a false trail,
We panic, We retrace.
Once, twice, how many times for a perfect outcome?
When will we move forward?
Some unfortunate souls crave warmth so desperately that they end up in the wrong places.
Are a few minutes of warmth around the neck worth an eternal cold distant world?
Our body is a mere mortal vessel.
How can it contain our eminent energy?
We sing, we dance, we paint, we write,
We create our own languages.
Why then condense and suppress our persona?
Soaring through the skies, free and disarmed,
Even a once perilous mind can be reformed.

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