The Campaign


International Day of Peace is annually celebrated on September 21st, established in 1981 by the United Nations. This international day calls for people and nations to learn and understand the ideals of peace, standing against bigotry and for human rights.

We as students will not come up with the magical solution to stop wars and persecution. Nevertheless our actions can make a great difference – even if it only affects a few people, and even if the change will not be seen until many years later. Therefore, it is our duty to not only inform our peers and our communities, but also stand up and value and celebrate the importance of Peace to us, as human beings, and the part it plays ultimately in influencing the determinants of Health.

This year, the UN General Assembly declared the theme for 2017 Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All, and we are adopting the theme event as well. Find out more about the UN’s Peace Day here.

We pledge you to join us. On September 21st, work together with us and take action in your community! Join #IFMSAforPeace.


  1. To raise awareness on Peace, Peacebuilding and Health among medical students as well as general public.
  2. To empower members to carry out activities on the topic Peace, Peacebuilding and Health.
  3. To strengthen IFMSA through the creation of an open forum to discuss the role of medical students within the field of Peace and Peacebuilding.

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