About young people, and about running

Article category: Poetry – free writing

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Rachel Brandão e Mendes Pinheiro

IFMSA Brazil

[email protected]


About young people, and about running

The young breathe better when they are running.

It’s part of youth, to comprehend the capacity in your lungs –

The pace of your heartbeat. 

The young have the spirit of fire inside their ribcage;

and they feel, and they know, and they learn. 

And everything is harder, everything is better: 

happiness comes stronger, 

sadness hits harder. 

The young are the power of humanity embodied.

What wounds them, cuts deep. 

What wounds them, it’s an emergency. 

The young cannot stop running –

They cannot be stopped. 

Whatever makes them bleed, it bleeds over the entire world. 

But when they shine like starlight on a dark sky;

when they rise and they speak and they paint pictures of a better future –

everything glows, sunlight streaming to the galaxies. 

Let the young run. 

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