A new YFJ – Day 3 – IFMSA @ the YFJ’s GA

Hello IFMSA,

Already on our ways back home, the delegation of IFMSA to the YFJ GA in Maribor, Slovenia wanted to share with you what happened on the third and last day of the European Youth Forum’s GA.

The day started with the elections for the Bodies of the Forum. And the New YFJ’s board (2013-2014) is:

President: Peter Matjašič

Vice President: Guoda Lomanaite

Vice President: Lloyd Russell-Moyle
Board Member: Márcio Barcelos
Board Member: Maria Dokupilova
Board Member: Miroslaw Krzanik
Board Member: Jure Stajnbaher
Board Member: Jerry Den Hann
Board Member: Elise Drouet
Board Member: Aleksandra Kamilova
Board Member: Johanna Nyman

We continued with Membership topics and the point ended with 2 new members of the Forum (the Serbian National Youth Council and the Bulgarian National Youth Council) and one new Full Member (Czech National Youth Council).

In the afternoon, we discussed Policy papers and the Forum has adopted a “Position Paper LoveYouthFuture: A New European Deal for and with Youth” and the “Policy Paper on Youth Rights” where IFMSA stood up for young people’s rights on reproductive and sexual health according to our Policy Statement in that topic and was also successful on including the topic of healthy beverages in order to open a window of opportunity to address topics such as access to water, the problem of sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Along this day we were also able to talk to a member from the Belarus National Youth Organisation and we tried to explore how could IFMSA help the creation of a Medical Students’ Organisation in Belarus. And by the end of the day we were also able to meet some IFMSA people from Maribor. Also during this night, the new European Youth Capital 2015 was reveled and it was ….. Cluj-Napoca (Romenia).

And that was it for the YFJ’s GA 2012. The YFJ will meet again for its Council of Members (COMEM) in April 19th 2013 and we hope that IFMSA can be as actively present as it was in this GA (and why not? even more!).

The IFMSA delegation for the YFJ’s GA

Miguel Cabral – RC Europe

Silva Rukavina – IFMSA PPRC member and YFJ’s NFE SWG member

Agostinho Sousa – LOMEi

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