Country/NMO: Ecuador (AEMPPI)

Program: Dignified & Non-Discriminatory Healthcare


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Education


General description:

The project “The tender failure of chromosome 21” that will be held in commemoration of the day of Down syndrome has the purpose of knowing more about the lifestyle that people have been living and what the education and health care they require. The first stage, which is theoretical, is based on knowing what Down’s Syndrome is, the causes for which it occurs, the medical care they need, and above all, the level of inclusion that they currently have in society both in the work environment as educational. And the second stage that is already the practice is to create a relationship between the medical student and people with Down Syndrome, it will be based on identifying characteristics, knowing their qualities, creating dynamics, dances and contests.

Focus area:

Vulnerable or marginalized populations | Persons with disabilities

Problem statement:

Down syndrome is a very common genetic disorder. When the idea of ​​this project arises the question arises about how much is known about the abilities and skills that these people possess, what are their roles in society, what their health care is like and how they have been accepted or excluded by society. and many more questions are those that aim to answer this project.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

• Target Group
Students of the Faculties of Medicine at all levels
• Beneficiary Group
Children with Down syndrome receiving special education services

Objectives and indicators of success:

Train approximately 40 medical students about the importance of assessing the skills and abilities that children with Down syndrome offer to society, through a symposium given by a professional on the first day of the project, which is the theoretical phase. followed by cohabitation with people with Down syndrome in a special abilities school on the second day, which is the practical phase, which will be carried out between the last week of April and the first of May. Meter: Collect opinions
SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: Interact with people with Down syndrome in order to become spokespersons for health care and rights that these people have. Meter: Create a poster


1. Contact with the school
2. Provide an auditorium to carry out the theoretical phase
3. Sending of Annex 11 to the participating OLs
4. Application of posters to each participating OL
5. Realization of the media campaign through the publication of posters of each OL
A. Theoretical Phase (April 26 or May 3)
B. Practical Phase (April 27 or May 4)
1. Report of each OL
2. Feedback submission
3. National Report
4. Certificate delivery

Plans for evaluation:

• Creation of a survey according to the topics that will be addressed in the project
• A survey of what was learned during the empowerment and training of health professionals on the indicated topic would be sent by official mail of the NORP 2018, which must be answered in a mandatory manner to obtain the certificate.
• In the practical part a data table would be made to assess the experiences lived.

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