President Ad Interim | Support Team

Hello dearest IFMSA members around the world,

In the words of Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Each term introduces fresh opportunities and unique challenges, contributing to IFMSA’s ongoing development.

To maintain a clear and purposeful trajectory amid this evolution, a strategic approach guides IFMSA’s endeavors in both the short and long term. It’s our call to translate our Strategies into meaningful initiatives and creative outcomes. Additionally, the significant contributions of our alumni, stemming from their vast expertise, are an invaluable asset in fueling this perpetual growth. Together, we will collaborate, innovate, and continue to build on our past successes, ensuring that IFMSA remains a beacon of excellence in global health. 

The President Support Team will work on mainstreaming our work on the strategic plan and strengthening the contributions of and celebrating our alumni. 

You can find the detailed team structure and the specific tasks of each position below. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]!

Thank you for your commitment to our Federation, and I look forward to our collective efforts as we move forward on this remarkable journey.

Lots of hugs from Athens,

Evelina Roubou

President ad Interim 2023/24

Here you can find the IFMSA Strategy 2022/25, whereas here you can find the Global Priority 2023/24 (note that the President is responsible for the internal pillar of the GP).

The General Assistant to the President will support in the implementation and the monitoring and evaluation of the IFMSA Strategy. They will contribute to the execution of the Global Priority internal goal, alongside the respective Officials and their teams. Lastly, the General Assistant is expected to support the President in miscellaneous tasks based on the particular needs of each period, especially before and after the General Assemblies. 

Task description:

  1. Assist the President with the planning, implementation and tracking of the IFMSA Strategy 2022-2025.
  2. Liaise with other bodies within IFMSA to achieve the Goals and objectives of the IFMSA Strategy 2022-2025.
  3. Assist the President with the preparations and execution of General Assemblies.
  4. Assist the President with the coordination of the internal pillar of the Global Priority.
  5. Support the President with general administrative tasks, such as monitoring and reporting on Global Priorities, alignment of meeting inputs and meeting documentation.
  6. Develop Capacity Building materials and initiatives on advanced strategic planning.
  7. Support and/or coordinate the work of internal working groups related to projects in the IFMSA Strategy, including but not limited to:
    • Assessment of IT structures
    • Strategic Risk Assessment
    • Mental Health Framework
    • Assessment of the aspects of opportunities’ allocation and members’ selection to uphold EDI

Selection criteria:

  1. Experience in administration and strategic planning.
  2. Experience in Capacity Building.
  3. Ability to adapt to the working style of the President.
  4. Understanding and experience with Strategic Plans in IFMSA and/or NGOs.
  5. Understanding of the directions defined in the Strategy 2022/25 and creativity in their approach.
  6. Prior experience in ITs/TO will be a bonus.

Required time commitment:

Expected time commitment: 10-20 hours per week, depending on the period in the term


The Alumni Assistant will coordinate the Alumni engagement strategy and support the President in communicating with Alumni. They will contribute to consultations and plans regarding the role that the Alumni can develop in IFMSA, as well as specific initiatives that could be established. The Alumni Assistant will be in touch with other Officials that wish to engage with the Alumni, so as to ensure smooth and efficient processes.

Task description:

  1. Follow up on the work carried out in the previous term (Alumni database, communication channels and process of proposing members to become Alumni), with the aim to fully systematize it.
  2. Creation, design and implementation of an alumni newsletter.
  3. Support with mapping all activities in which Alumni could be meaningfully involved (e.g. mentors for Officials, support mechanisms towards members, quality assurance, further networking, finances and fundraising)
    • Work on the Alumni Engagement Framework.
  4. Contribute to the reorganization of the website section regarding Alumni and the current internal funds.
  5. Support Regional Directors and Liaison Officers in the engagement with the IFMSA Alumni working in organizations in their respective areas of work.
  6. Coordinate the invitation of Alumni to at least 1 GA, as well as their registration and participation detail.

Selection criteria:

  1. Experience in administration.
  2. Ability to adapt to the working style of the President.
  3. Creativity and new perspectives regarding the IFMSA Alumni.
  4. Past experience managing newsletters or similar tools.
  5. Being an IFMSA Alumnus will be a bonus.

Required time commitment:

Expected time commitment: 10-20 hours per week, depending on the period in the term

Vice-President for Public Relations and Communication | Support Team

Hi IFMSA people, ca va?

In a diverse and dynamic federation like ours, Public Relations and Communication is vital to shape its image and give it an identity that reflects the incredible human power behind it. Our platforms provide our members with a stage to advocate online and amplify their voices, empowering a community of over a million medical students to drive positive change.

Effective communication is the thread that weaves our global network together. It not only fosters unity among medical students worldwide but also connects us with external organizations, opening doors for collaboration and meaningful partnerships. Through our online platforms, we strive to maintain a strong and active presence on the internet, ensuring that our collective voice reverberates across digital spaces.

This being said, I invite you to join me on this incredible journey. Today, I am seeking talented and motivated people who share the passion for PR&C, individuals who believe in the power of effective storytelling and visual impact. 

Are you ready to be part of something extraordinary, to shape the narrative, and unleash the potential of PRC? If you are up to the challenge, I wholeheartedly invite you to join my team. Together, we will build meaningful connections, captivate audiences and leave a lasting imprint on the world.  

Yalla I am waiting for your applications with excitement,

Nour, your VPPRC 23/24

  • Linktree for all the relevant PRC Resources and Pages 
  • It is mandatory for every applicant to attach the samples of their work in an accessible link in their application (portfolio, Google drive, etc.).
  • Applicants to the PRC Development Assistant position can read the PRC regulations (also in Linktree) and must also attach their Trainer Portfolio with their CVs.
  • Strong background experience using the following software: Adobe® InDesign®, Photoshop®, Illustrator® or Similar programs, experience using Canva is highly recommended for all the positions.
  • Strong background in video editing softwares is recommended for all the positions.
  • Only candidates who are shortlisted by the VPPRC-Elect based in their candidature packages will be contacted after the deadline for an interview.
  • Feedback for applicants who are not selected will be provided upon request.
  • In case of questions or concerns, email VPPRC-Elect at [email protected]
Available positions

The Website & Online Platforms Assistant will be in charge of the maintenance of the official IFMSA website and databases in collaboration with the VPPRC and other Officials and Assistants.

Task description:

  • Manage the IFMSA website and update its content regularly.
  • Investigate options for increasing the website traffic and visibility.
  • Maintain the blog section of the website and the different databases.
  • Act as a Liaison with the Exchanges IT in assisting with the Exchanges database.
  • Assist other officials in the development and update of their webpages.
  • Help with UX consultation and promotion of the online training platform.
  • Manage online platforms and digital tools including meeting and webinar platforms.
  • Explore new and interactive means to connect with members in online and hybrid events.

Selection criteria:

  • Previous experience in building or managing a website.
  • Excellent knowledge of the WordPress® platform.
  • Excellent knowledge of Information and Technology.
  • Previous experience with webinar and digital tools.
  • Excellent communication skills and high level of responsiveness.