Research Integration in Medical Education

In the age of evidence-based learning, research plays a vital role in our medical education. To allow improvement of medical care, healthcare workers need to have unrestricted access to a broad-based repository of research irrespective of language, financial, and geographical barriers. Consequently, LeMSIC Lebanon decided to conduct this project that aims to first evaluate students’ […]

Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Campaign

Imagine, what if all the antimicrobials no longer work? Drug by drug, AMR is threatening us and our planet. To do our bit to mitigate this threat, MSAI-India devised a campaign which is a continuous activity since 2017 and currently in the 4th term of implementation. This year, we implemented a 5 step methodology in […]

Fresh COVID-19 perspectives in a Halted World

In such an unprecedented year like 2020, AMSAHK’s SCOPH took notes of public health issues exacerbated by COVID: confusion around sources of information, under-discussed social impacts, and a side-lined next generation largely excluded from constructive public health policymaking. “Fresh COVID-19 perspectives in a Halted World” addresses the above with interactive discussions, webinars and infographics, featuring […]