Fresh COVID-19 perspectives in a Halted World

Fresh COVID-19 perspectives in a Halted World

In such an unprecedented year like 2020, AMSAHK’s SCOPH took notes of public health issues exacerbated by COVID: confusion around sources of information, under-discussed social impacts, and a side-lined next generation largely excluded from constructive public health policymaking.

“Fresh COVID-19 perspectives in a Halted World” addresses the above with interactive discussions, webinars and infographics, featuring Professors like Ivan Hung, the Head of HKU Epidemiology; Joseph Sung, who led the SARS fight; and Emily Chan, co-chairperson of WHO’s Disaster Risk Management Research Committee.

For our next generation, we collaborated with the Hong Kong Society of Community Medicine and Department of Health, HKSAR, to host an outbreak control workshop. This interactive online workshop for high school students, with undergraduates as facilitators, enabled intense small-group discussions on outbreak simulation and roleplaying.

Our principal evaluators were pre and post-event surveys on participants’ knowledge, attitudes and practice – and we have reached a proud 70% knowledge increase with our next-generation ambassadors. With a total of 5,924 engagements and 932 Instagram likes, we have already exceeded our indicators of success. We wish to highlight the success of knowledge distillation from government officials and frontline workers to NPOs, then to future professionals-to-be, and finally to high school students, and the general public. Empowering people in whatever positions to help fight COVID.

Looking forward, we shall expand our scope to sexual violence and mental health, with interviews, infographics, and quizzes! These are perspectives to empower, as we bring together multilateral efforts and shed light on further perspectives of COVID.