1st Call for International Assistants, Program Coordinators and Code of Conduct Committee of the term 2023-2024

Dear NMOs,

Dear IFMSA members,


It was less than two weeks ago that you put your trust in us and elected us as your next Team of Officials. In order to achieve our ambitions and drive IFMSA forward, we are in need of talented and motivated International Teams. With this email, we would like to officially open the Call for International Assistants, Program Coordinators and the Code of Conduct Committee for the term 2023/2024!


Through the appointment of the International Teams and Program Coordinators our Federation will be delivered of a new generation of young changemakers, passionate global health advocates and, crucially, assistants that enable smooth administration of our operations. The plans created by us – IFMSA Officials – will become the agenda of their work, while their fresh, wholesome perspectives will provide us with a space for discussion and reflection on how to make our Federation more efficient, powerful and inclusive. You can find all the available positions for the term 2023/2024, IT/PC/CoCC tasks description and selection criteria in the specially crafted website (LINK). 

In the process of applying for international positions in IFMSA, it is of utmost importance to read the instructions carefully. You will find the exact procedure that needs to be respected in order to have a valid candidature in this email. Candidates that fail to follow the procedures will be deemed invalid, and will not be considered. All applications should be submitted through this form (HERE).



  • Deadline for applicants of the 1st call: September 1st, 2023
  • List of applicants shared with the NMOs: September 3rd, 2023
  • Validity of candidatures shared with NMOs, at the latest on September 4th, 2023
  • Deadline for NMOs to provide their input: September 10th, 2023
  • Selection of ITs and PCs from the first call: September 13th, 2023
  • Official announcement: October 1st, 2023

Application process

  • All candidatures are to be submitted via this Google form (HERE) by September 1st, 2023 23:59 GMT. They will be then shared with the relevant Official elect, and shortly afterwards with the NMOs. Late candidatures will be deemed invalid. If the form malfunctions on your end, you can send the candidature to [email protected] by the specified deadline. Late email submissions will equally be disqualified.
  • All candidates interested in applying must submit the following:
  1. A filled out Candidature Form (CF), signed and stamped by the NMO President; if the candidate is the NMO President, the CF must be signed by a suitable alternative NMO board member. You can find the document to fill HERE. Example of filled CF can be found HERE
  2. A filled out Technical Data Card (TDC), You can find the document to fill HERE. Example of filled TDC can be found HERE
  3. Filled Application Form (HERE) that includes:
    • Motivation letter: not more than one page long
    • Plan Of Action (POA): not more than two pages long
    • Curriculum Vitae adapted to the position, not more than two pages long. Proof of information provided in the CV should be available upon request by the National Member Organization
  4. Copy of the identity page of the applicant’s passport. National ID cards can be submitted if the applicant doesn’t have a valid passport
  5. High-resolution, colored, passport-sized photograph, for publication purposes
  • Motivational Letter, Plan of Action, and Curriculum Vitae must not exceed their page limit or the candidature will be invalid. All applications must follow the template with no additional graphics/cover pages.


Important notes

  • For each position, a shortlist of candidates will be created by the Official(s) opening it. Candidates who are shortlisted will be contacted by email in order for them to schedule an online interview. 
  • Historically, there has been some confusion as to what form of the name of the position should be provided in the submitted documents. Correct and full names can be found in the summarized list of open positions (HERE)
  • When the call has finished, the Executive Board Elect will review the validity of all candidatures. Afterwards, the list will be shared with the NMOs. Importantly, there will be a differentiation between the candidates who can swiftly re-submit their documents to have their candidature validated (minor mistakes) and those who cannot.
  • All candidates must respect the IFMSA Constitution and Bylaws, and every candidate must fulfill the requirements in Bylaw paragraph 6.24 in order to be valid. 
  • International Assistants and Program Coordinators selected in the first call will be contacted by the 14th of September. However, the results will not be announced until the 1st of October.
  • The positions for the EMR Regional Team 2023/24 have not been opened in the 1st call due to the non-selection of the Regional Director. Candidates for these IT positions will be welcome to apply as soon as the Regional Director ad interim is appointed and their team structure is assembled.


Should you have any questions about the call, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through [email protected] and we will reply as soon as we are able to. If you have any specific questions to the members of the TO Elect, please find their email addresses (HERE).


Warmest Regards,

On behalf of the IFMSA Team of Officials Elect for the term 2023/2024



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