12 Tips to Write a Better Application Letter for Your Dream University

Application essay is one of the essential parts of entering a college. And it is especially important when you are aiming to get into your dream university. The main reason is that studying at medical schools is quite prestigious and the competition is usually high.

All of the applicants probably have amazing grades and extracurricular activities of all sorts to mention. After all, only the best applicants get admitted and even less receive scholarships. That’s why the admission essay can help one to stand out. It is a great way to show unique features and unprecedented motivation. 

Some applicants choose not to risk and turn to professionals from https://essaypro.com/write-my-essay.html for help. Others prefer to work on their own. 

In any case, these 12 tips on how to master the application letter will be useful for all.

Start With Examples

One of the best ways to get to know how to succeed is to learn from the best. And this case is no exception.

Start by reading applications that were submitted and got their authors into college. It doesn’t mean that you need to follow those samples closely. 

It is just research on common features of successful essays. Think about the strong points, topics, and narration. Try to detect what makes these examples stand out.

Choose a Topic-Based on Your Interests

There are usually several topics available to dwell on. Some colleges also offer to write on your own topic. 

Some topics might seem appealing and “right,” yet, if you have nothing to say and share, better avoid the option. Select the one that speaks to you and where you can share something unique.

Be Yourself

This might sound cheesy, but it is true. One of the major mistakes is trying to maintain a persona and be someone else in an essay. Many applicants try to check all “perfect student” boxes. Yet, it is not what the committee is looking for. 

First of all, no one is perfect, and there is no such university which is looking for a robot who is excited about all subjects and voluntary works. It is an opportunity to show yourself, your motivation and experience as well as unique features and driving forces. 

An honest and passionate admission essay shows that you are human, have a strong personality and dedication.

Share Something New

The application requires several documents and recommendations. You’ve probably shown your interests in specific subjects with your grades. That’s why there is no need to focus on the same information as your personal statement. 

Try to write on something that is not evident from your score. For example, experiences that changed your perspective or challenge you’ve faced and how they motivated you. Give a piece of new information that characterizes you.

Be Consistent

While sharing something new, it is also necessary not to lose the connection between a personal statement and an application form. 

For example, if you mention some extracurricular work that changed your perspective, it should be detailed in the application. The facts can cross between documents; you just need to provide some additional remarks.

Tailor an Essay to Each School

If you are applying to several colleges, do not recycle your own words.

No one-fits-all piece will get you admitted. Different schools have specific expectations, and giving the same answer would do no good.

Do Not Be Too Informal

Although a friendly narration might be good, do not address the committee as is they are your friends. Great writing should be somewhere in the middle, not too informal and not too strict. 

After all, officers are not peers, and there is no need to refer to them as though they are your Instagram followers.

Do Not Compose an Autobiography

The statement is limited in size; usually, it should not be more than 650 words. That’s why it is impossible to fit in all accomplishments in one piece. Do not try to write about everything at the same time. 

Focus on one particular aspect that is relevant to the topic. Do not dwell too much into details; show how this situation or event influenced you and what you’ve learned.

Stick to the Point

After all, it is an essay. And you know that the best way to master it is to have one strong point and dwell on it. 

Devise a strong thesis, come up with an engaging opening, and work from it all the way. Including several points will polarize paper and result in incomprehensive writing. 

Be Specific

It is an academic paper, and it should be clear from the picture you are trying to paint. It is especially essential when talking about your experience. Keep the details that make it vivid and living. 

For example, if you are writing about personal struggle or challenge, show how it made you feel or what you were thinking at the time. Give a first-hand impression, not an abstract commentary on a particular issue.

Get Feedback

Start working on a paper as soon as possible, as it requires a lot of patience and thinking. Make a draft and ask someone to give feedback on it. 

It can be a parent, teacher, or friend. Choose someone you trust and who has some experience in the matter. Ask whether the statement is clear and ask them to provide comments.


It takes a lot of time to finish the admission essay, and the first draft will probably be very different from a finished result. Take your time and work on this incredibly important paper. 

Write it, reread in some time, proofread several times. Most importantly, take some time back between these steps, like a day or two, to have a fresh look.

In Summary

The application process can be hard, tiring, and intimidating. Say no to fear.

Start early, get help, and continue working. Choose the topic that appeals to you, and you have something valuable to say on. Share your personal experience and views in an essay, stick to the point, and answer the question. 

Last but not least, stay yourself and be open.

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