2021: Year of Health and Care Workers

In November 2020, the resumed 73rd World Health Assembly declared the year 2021 as the Year of the Health and Care Workers. This move came in recognition of the crucial role the health and care workforce played at the frontlines in facing the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a call to action to invest in […]

No one is safe until everyone is safe – IFMSA Reflections on the 148th WHO Executive Board Meeting

After some weeks of preparation and eagerly waiting, we finally started the 148th Session of the World Health Organization Executive Board Meeting on the 18th of January, which marked the opening of one of the most high-level meetings worldwide concerning health and security. Exciting as the opening ceremony proved to be, the discussions and statements […]

Hurricane Season Amidst Global Health Crises

By  TTMSA-Trinidad & Tobago, JAMSA-Jamaica, IFMSA-Honduras, IFMSA-Grenada, IFMSA External Affairs Regional Assistant for the Americas and IFMSA Regional Director for the Americas Climate change has shown to have a direct correlation between global warming and more destructive hurricanes developing in the Atlantic region. We have seen over the past decade a stark increase in the […]