Throughout the year, IFMSA hosts and overviews the organization of several meetings. Most of them are open to medical students, members of one of our national member organizations (NMOs). Others, such as IFMSA workshops, are often open to any students – in the health fields like in economics, law, politics, etc.

IFMSA General Assemblies
IFMSA has two General Assemblies per year, one in March, the second in August. Each of them welcome over 900 delegates and over 20 externals and partner organisations. One of our national members organisations is elected by the IFMSA to carry the task of organizing the meeting; hence the location of the general assemblies changes every time. The most recent ones were held in Turkey, Taiwan, China, Tunisia, Chile, United States, and India; and the two upcoming ones will be in Macedonia (August 2015) and in Malta (March 2016). Visit the General Assemblies section for more.

IFMSA Regional Meetings
The Federation has subdivided its national members organizations in five regions: Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Mediterranean (EMR) and Europe. Each has their own regional meeting, held at different times of the year, and welcoming between 150 and 400 participants. Visit the Regional Meetings section for more.

IFMSA Sub-Regional Trainings
The Federation also recognized sub-regional trainings that are organized by its national member organizations, aiming to train, empower and build capacities on a specific field within a region. The events are attended usually by between 25 and 80 medical students.

IFMSA Team of Official Meetings
The leadership of the IFMSA meet five times per year to discuss the Federation strategies and to follow-up on the annual work plan. They offer a place for team building and for improving the governance and management system of the IFMSA. Visit the Team of Officials Meetings section for more.

IFMSA Workshops
Prior to each General Assemblies and Regional Meetings, IFMSA runs simultaneously several 3-day workshops on global health challenges that matter to the medical students. With an attendance of up to 400 delegates, this offer a space for medical students to grow and gain skills and knowledge that are often left aside in the medical curricula. Visit the Activities Section for more.

IFMSA Recommendations for Sustainable and Climate-friendly Meetings

Every year, thousands of medical students engaged in IFMSA activities travel around the globe to participate in internal and external meetings, to do their internships or to take part in various IFMSA exchange programs abroad. With these challenges, we understood that only our leadership, responsibility and action can lead to the desired outcome – to decrease the effect of IFMSA’s work on the climate and the environment and promote climate change mitigation and adaptation to ensure a healthy planet. In line with these ideas, IFMSA created its IFMSA Recommendations for Sustainable and Climate-friendly Meetings to limit our harmful contributions and to protect the planet. Organizers of our official events are encouraged to use this manual, follow the recommendations, and create events which are in line with our environmental values!

IFMSA Code of Conduct

In order to ensure safe and inclusive space during IFMSA Meetings, we have a Code of Conduct document to guide us. At the every General Assembly, there is a Code of Conduct committee ready to be at your service if you notice any action that goes against it. 

To read: Code of Conduct